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Biaggi dan Rossi

After going through such a long career journey, finally the MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi retired. The Valencia series at the Ricardo Tomo Circuit yesterday was the last event. Even though he only finished in 10th place, the audience and also all the crew participated in accompanying Rossi’s last moment in MotoGP.

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Many congratulations slide to the owner of this number 46, including one of them is Max Biaggi. For those who don’t know, he is Rossi’s rival in the 90s whose career is no less flashy. Currently Biaggi is active as an ambassador for Aprillia and owns a racing club called Sterilgarda Max Racing Team Moto3.

Regarding Rossi’s retirement, Biaggi said that so far he and The Doctor created one of the best rivalries in MotoGP history. “We never pretend to be friends both on and off the track. Even so, we have one of the most beautiful rivalries in the history of motorcycle racing,” he said.

Biaggi also said that the racing world will lose along with Rossi’s helmet hanging. “Even without you the world of motorcycle racing would be lost. But know that you can do so many things you couldn’t before, and trust me, it’s not all that bad. Live your life well, Vale,” added Biaggi.

The two-time WorldSBK champion also said he was quite saddened by Rossi’s retirement. “The rivalry between Italian riders is very much felt by fans, but all of Vale’s rivals in general have contributed to shaping his career. Now that Vale is retiring, a part of me is also retiring with him. I feel sad,” concluded Biaggi.

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