Lucinta Luna’s Fun Facts, Says She’s Pregnant!

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Who doesn’t know Lucinta Luna? This scandalous and controversial artist often reaps various criticisms and comments. How not, there must have been his behavior that went viral, starting from the video of his closeness with Mike Lewis, to pregnancy gossip. It’s all right! This time we will discuss 6 exciting facts about Lucinta Luna. Any facts? Check out the first list below.

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1. Starting a Career as a Dangdut Singer

Who would have thought that Lucinta Luna started her career as a dangdut singer? Yes, he and his friend, Ratna Pandita, formed a duo group called Duo Bunga. The two of them have also released single premiered entitled “Lain Di Moulain Di Hati” in 2018. The song was also released on the YouTube channel through the Music Legend account and was watched more than 800 thousand times.

However, after a few months after the song was released, Lucinta Luna was expelled from Duo Bunga by Ratna Pandita because of her disappointing attitude because she was always considered selfish. Ratna said that Lucinta Luna often brought the name Duo Bunga and took the job without his knowledge. In addition, Lucinta Luna is also considered to always make controversial cases to the detriment of Duo Bunga’s name. After being kicked out, Ratna Pandita recruited Anavelisa as a replacement for Lucinta Luna.

2. Viral Due to Sex Surgery

In 2018, the same year Lucinta Luna was expelled from Duo Bunga, a viral video circulated when she had just undergone genital surgery. The video was posted by Melly Bradley, a former friend of Lucinta Luna. But at that time, Lucinta Luna did not admit that she was transgender even though there was a lot of evidence that was spread in cyberspace. He said, “That’s not me. No comments well. I don’t know. I’m an ignorant person.”

Although many transgender issues have befallen Lucinta Luna, she admits that there are still many job, even more so than before. “This is what I want” meeting same director. Not lonely job dong Alhamdulillah. more and more job. The end of this month and next month are already busy. Do not look from the sensation of controversy. But God willing, we will prove it with our work,” he concluded.

3. It was rumored to be close to Mike Lewis

Do you know Mike Lewis? Yes, Tamara Bleszynski’s ex-husband was once rumored to have a special relationship with Lucinta Luna. This happened because there was an intimate video circulating between the two of them. Even Mike looks not wearing a top, only wearing a tie. Suddenly netizens were immediately excited not playing. Moreover, at that time there was a viral issue that Lucinta Luna was transgender.

After the issue got hotter, Mike Lewis finally spoke up in a video uploaded by Boy William on the YouTube channel. Mike Lewis explained that at that time he was invited to take a photo with Lucinta Luna, but he was very drunk and did unwanted actions. Mike also confirmed that he had not done anything and had no relationship with Lucinta Luna.

4. Ever caught in a drug case

In 2020 ago, Lucinta Luna was secured in her private apartment in the Central Jakarta area because of the discovery of ecstasy narcotics and Riklona. After being examined, it turned out that Lucinta Luna had consumed narcotics for 6 months before being caught by the police. He claimed to have tasted a little narcotic, but because it didn’t taste good, he threw it in the wastebasket and went to Bali.

As a result of the arrest, Lucinta Luna was initially sentenced to 3 years in prison. But finally the West Jakarta District Court sentenced him to 1.5 years in prison and a fine of 10 million rupiah. Lucinta Luna lives in the women’s prison at the Pondok Bambu Rutan. Currently, Lucinta Luna has been released on parole from prison for receiving the Covid-19 assimilation program from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

5. Finally Admitting to a Transgender

At the time of the arrest of a drug or narcotics case, it was revealed that he was a transgender person, and had undergone sex reassignment surgery at Raj Yindee Hospital, Thailand. This was revealed from the decision of the South Jakarta District Court. The Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus explained that Muhammad Fatah, whose real name is Lucinta Luna, submitted an application for a male to female sex change to the South Jakarta District Court and it was granted on November 26, 2019. Finally Muhammad Fatah changed his name to Ayluna Putri.

Meanwhile, Lucinta Luna herself has admitted that she is transgender after being covered up for so long. This was revealed in Boy William’s YouTube video around May 2021. Boy asked, “Lucinta Luna have you ever had a bird?” Without thinking, Lucinta Luna replied, “I used to have a bird for 16 years. Then the bird escapes from the cage.”

6. Claiming to be Pregnant

In the last fact, Lucinta Luna was reportedly married to a man from Turkey. Even more exciting, Lucinta Luna admitted that she was pregnant! It was revealed on Boy William’s YouTube channel, Lucinta Luna firmly admitted that she was married to a Turkish man and was pregnant. Lucinta Luna explained, “It’s been 2 months, 12 days, 1 hour, 13 seconds (gestational age). I’ll count it.”

But many netizens suspect that Lucinta Luna’s pregnancy is only hello aka hallucinations. Previously, Lucinta Luna had married a man from the Philippines named Bigham, but only lasted 7 days. What do you think? Is it true that Lucinta Luna is pregnant? Comment below yes!

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