Larissa Chou’s Response Reportedly Will Get Married Next Year with Official’s Son

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Larissa Chou (Instagram)

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NBCNEWSLarissa Chou officially widowed from Alvin Faiz on June 16, 2021 at the South Jakarta Religious Court. Two months of divorce, Alvin immediately married Henny Rahman, the ex-wife of Zikri Daulay. So what about Larissa Chou?

Later news emerged that Larissa Chou was having a special relationship with a man, a young businessman who was said to be the son of an official. When asked directly about his romance, Larissa Chou did not give a firm answer.

Just pray,” said Larissa Chou with a blushing face behind her mask in the Pondok Indah area, South Jakarta, last weekend.

Larissa Chou (Instagram)

Larissa also refused to explain about the man asked by reporters. When asked whether she had introduced her son, Yusuf, Larissa was surprised. He then called the news just a rumor. “He he he, just a story,” said Larissa Chou.

While walking, Larissa Chou asked for prayers if it was rumored that she would marry again next year. The mother of one child only agrees with the good news. He also said he did not know whether the man would ask him to marry next year.

“Yes, yes, amen amen. (Next year) Not yet know, not yet know, said Larissa Chou.

Reportedly also the figure is a child entrepreneur and official. But Larissa refused to answer. “Haha Not yet you know Sis,” said Larissa Chou ending the interview.

Previously, Larissa Chou is in the public spotlight because of his feud with the wife of her ex-husband, Henny Rahman. Larissa Chou shows the contents of the message Henny Rahman sent. The content of the message sent by Henny Rahman was considered to have been physically playing with Larissa Chou. Henny Rahman felt proud and revealed that he was praised by the family. Alvin Faiz was better and more beautiful than Larissa Chou.

The message was sent by Henny Rahman to Larissa Chou to refute his alleged jealousy.



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