It’s called a scout! Here are 8 facts about Nissa Sabyan

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Nissa Sabyan seems to be the most sought-after artist in early 2021. This happened because of the controversial scandal between Nissa Sabyan and Sabyan Gambus keyboardist, Ayus. This time we will discuss 8 facts about Nissa Sabyan that are very interesting to know. Any facts? Check out the first list below.

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1. Born in 1999

Khoirunnisa or fondly called Nissa Sabyan was born in Lumajang, East Java, on May 23, 1999. Currently, Nissa is 22 years old, wow, she’s still very young! Even though she was born in Lumajang, Nissa moved and grew up in Bandung until she was about 13 years old. After graduating from elementary school, Nissa then moved to Jakarta until now. After graduating from Vocational High School, Nissa aspired to become a singer and then started a music group with some of her friends, namely Sabyan Gambus. Since then, Nissa Sabyan has become her stage name.

2. Autotronic Vocational High School Graduates

Who would have thought that this beautiful, calm-looking girl graduated from SMKN 56 Jakarta and took the automotive electronics engineering expertise package! Autotronic technique itself emphasizes expertise in mastering electronic and control technology in motorized vehicles. So that students become skilled in the fields of design and electronics in automotive, including knowledge of electricity (electronic systems) and automotive mechanics in detail. This skill package has been in SMKN 56 since 2011! So, are you interested in studying autoronics like Nissa?

3. Became a Singer When I Was a Teen

Nissa decided to become a singer since she was a teenager. Nissa and her friends, Anisa Rahman, Ayus, Kamal, Tebe, and Sofwan formed a musical group called Sabyan Gambus around 2017. Sabyan Gambus carries the flow of gambus music from the Middle East, but is packaged in a modern way with a more contemporary arrangement. So that every time Sabyan Gambus releases a new video on YouTube, it often becomes trending and watched more than hundreds of millions viewers!

So it’s only natural that the Sabyan Gambus music group won various prestigious awards such as the Most Popular Newcomer at the 2018 SCTV Music Awards. Nissa Sabyan was also the winner in the Best Singer/Group category in the 2018 Ramadhan Syiar Award. Some of her popular songs are “Ya Maulana”. , “Deen Assalam”, “Ya Jamal”, and “Law Kana Bainanal Habib”.

4. Honor gig Up to Tens of Millions

Nissa Sabyan and her group, Sabyan Gambus, for the first time gig at weddings with an honorarium of around 3 million rupiah. However, as the popularity of Sabyan Gambus increases, their salaries also increase. Nissa Sabyan once said to the media that it was very honorable gig currently reaching 40 million rupiah! Wow, that’s a lot. Even in 2019, Sabyan Gambus has also been gig abroad such as Hong Kong, South Korea, and Malaysia. They performed popular songs such as “Deen ASsalam”, “Ya Jamalu”, “Ya Habibal Qolbi”, “Ya Asyiqol Musthofa”, and “Ya Maulana”.

5. Have Microphone Hundreds of millions

On Armand Maulana’s YouTube channel, it was revealed that Nissa Sabyan has microphone worth hundreds of millions of rupiah! Wow, that’s really expensive. In the video, Armand initially told that he and Nissa had practiced together for a project. Then Nissa asked Armand about the brand microphone Armand uses. It turns out that Nissa Sabyan has bought microphone for 105 million rupiah! Armand immediately commented, “Bush is very expensive.” In addition, Armand also commented that the price microphone Nissa Sabyan is equal to 3 times the honorarium of Armand Maulana during a gig.

6. Once Viral Rumored Death

At the end of 2019, it turned out that Nissa Sabyan was once reported to have died! The news was first broadcast from the YouTube Movie Bank channel on July 2, 2019, broadcasting a funeral procession with the narration, “Nissa Sabyan passed away, we will always remember your achievements.” It then became very viral in cyberspace. This was immediately rejected by Owan, the management of the Sabyan Gambus music group, “That’s not true. Where did the issue come from?”

7. Stumbled on an Affair Scandal

It seems that early 2021 will be a very surprising year for Sabyan Gambus fans, especially Nissa Sabyan. He and Ayus Sabyan are reportedly having an affair, even though Ayus is already married to Ririe Fairus. Then many netizens were furious with the affair, to the point that Nissa was called a actor or usurper men. Currently, Ayus and Ririe Fairus are divorced, in fact there are rumors that Nissa and Ayus are married. What do you think?

8. Currently Rumored to be Pregnant

After being reported as actor, Nissa Sabyan then did not open her voice or clarify. Until news circulated that Nissa was in two bodies from a photo where Nissa was holding her stomach. Then this was clarified by Nissa Sabyan. He said that the photo was taken in 2019 ago and he was not a double body.

Meanwhile, many netizens also questioned why Nissa didn’t clarify the news actor, but instead appears when there is an issue of pregnancy. According to psychologist Kirdi Saputra, Nissa did not clarify the question actor in order to continue to live up to his name and continue to be popular. What do you think?

So, those are 8 facts about Nissa Sabyan, the singer of Sabyan Gambus whose affair case has been confirmed by Ayus Sabyan. What do you think? The news is true or not? Leave a comment below yes!

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