It went viral on Tik Tok and broke through 1 million streams, bringing Duo Jeremy to appear on Strikes RCTI – Latest Celeb News

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NBCNEWS – Duo Jeremy managed to perform for the first time on the National TV Program, RCTI’s Dahsyat, as a newcomer Duo Jeremy knows that it is very difficult to penetrate music programs on National TV, because apart from being rare, Dahsyat is the only music program that is still regularly broadcast on the screen. glass.

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“It feels like deja vu to come back to this studio” said Jeremy Poetiray, “I didn’t expect to return to the RCTI studio as a guest, which for newcomers like us is very difficult” added Jeremy Christhopher, as both of them have been contestants for Indonesia Idol Special Season even though they weren’t. penetrated to the spectacular stage but they carved out their own achievements by returning as guest artists at the Strikes Show which incidentally both events were programs broadcast by RCTI, so for them it was an unexpected thing.

Tengku Shafick who also accompanied them to provide direct support was also very proud of their success in being a guest star on the Dahsyat program, “This is the first young artist AFE records to make it through to a TV show plus they are a group that I formed myself so I’m very proud once they can act on the screen,” said Tengku Shafick proudly.

DUO JEREMY’s extraordinary achievement, hopefully this can be the initial capital to achieve other achievements in the Indonesian music scene.

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