Inspirational! Here are 8 of the Coolest Asian Plus-Size Fashionistas!

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Who said that fashionista must have a slim and slender body? The stereotype is not true at all, because the world fashion very broad and not only dominated by those with slender bodies, but also tall figures plus-size. Well, this time we will share info about 8 plus size fashionista Asia’s coolest and most inspiring! Is there anyone? Check in full below.

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1. Vivian Geeyang Kim

Kim Gee Yang or more familiarly called Vivian Geeyang Kim comes from South Korea and has succeeded in changing beauty standards in South Korea. It started when she appeared in one of the most popular magazines in Korea, namely Elle Korea. He admitted that initially many of his friends thought he was a strange creature, but he managed to prove that a large body size does not reduce a person’s self-confidence. Currently she has a magazine fashion own display of models plus size and named 66100. Besides that, Vivian also has a online shop. He also always tries to support women to accept their body regardless of its shape, whether it’s thin or fat. If you want to follow Vivian’s latest trends, please visit the @plusmodel Instagram account.

2. Bishamber Das

On the next list is Bishamber Das who comes from India and is of Malaysian descent, but was born and lives in England. Bishamber Das’ name appeared when he became runner-up second in a prestigious event called Miss India Europe 2014. Bishamber later became a model in several clothing labels around the world. Currently, Bishamber has his own clothing label called GirlLikeMe which is really cool! Besides being busy with the world of modeling and fashion, Bishamber also focuses on the world of social activists and child protection. It’s amazing! Then, right away follow His Instagram is at @bishamberdas!

3. Aditira Hanim

In Korea there is Vivian Geeyang Kim, in Indonesia there is Aditira Hanim or familiarly called Tiraemon. Aditira is trying to change people’s views about women who have big bodies or are commonly called plus size. Initially, Aditira had felt the blasphemy of his friends who were very rude and painful, especially about his body shape. As a result, Aditira had time to go on an extreme diet that even endangered his own body. Finally he accepted his body as it is. Currently, Aditira Hanim has successfully become a role model fashion other women, especially those with body size plus-size. If you are curious, let’s visit Aditira’s Instagram account at @tiraemon.

4. Naomi Watanabe

Next there is fashionista from Japan, namely Naomi Watanabe. She managed to become the queen of a model group called Marshmallow Girl and is also the brains behind the brand fashion Japanese named Punyus. Naomi Watanabe was born in Taipei and has Japanese and Taiwanese ancestry. Apart from being a model and fashion, Naomi is also active in the world of Japanese comedy. He often imitates Beyonce by singing the songs “Dreamgirls” and “Crazy in Love”. OOTD Naomi is a role model for women plus size you know! Wow, so cool! Followers His Instagram even reached almost 10 million you know! Come on follow his account is at @watanabenaomi703.

5. Intan Kemala Sari

Intan Kemala Sari is a rebel, not in a negative sense, but in a positive direction. Yes, Intan is a woman who is very brave to show courage as a Muslim model with her body size plus size. Intan is popular with her posts about OOTD, favorite make-up, to daily vlog. Intan admitted that in the past she was often blasphemed because of her large body, starting to be called rhinoceros, swollen elephants, baboons, prayer rooms, to oil drums. Oh my, that’s so brave. But now Intan has succeeded in becoming one of the fashionista at the same time an influencer plus size influential in Asia. Follow @kemalasari account on Instagram yes!

6. Aarti Olivia

On the sixth list there are fashionista Indian-Singaporean blood named Aarti Olivia. She admits that in the past she tried to stick to normal women’s clothing sizes, but she finally started to accept her own body. Finally at the age of 30, Aarti begins to open up and love her body. He also dares to present the concept fashion size plus size on Instagram as a breath of fresh air that is still rare. Eventually his name became more and more famous, especially when he became a Wear Your Voice contributor and owner blog Curve Becomes Her. Extraordinary! Let’s go follow Aarti Olivia’s Instagram account at @curvesbecomeher.

7. Irene Permatasari Tanudibroto

Have you ever heard of Irene Permatasari Tanudibroto? Yes, the woman from Indonesia is a blogger and fashionista who often look stunning with OOTDs that are really fun to emulate. She has participated in various fashion events. Besides being fashionista and blogger, Irene also has a business fashion named you know! Well, if you’re already curious about Irene’s exciting OOTD, just visit her Instagram account at @reneetan_!

8. Ririe Bogar

On the last list is Ririe Bogar, who claims to have been called a baboon by her friends when she was in junior high school. At that time, Ririe’s weight had reached 80 kilograms. Then he continued his studies abroad and opened a boutique. After hearing buyers’ complaints about the crisis of confidence, Ririe finally initiated the Xtra-L community for women who often accept body shaming. In addition, Ririe Bogar also established a modeling agency plus size as a place for large women to walk on catwalk. Of course fashionista this one has a lot followers, reached about 53.2 thousand netizens. If you want follow Also, visit Instagram @ririebogar yes.

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