Henny Rahman and Larissa Chou insinuating each other, where is Alvin Faiz as the head of the family?

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NBCNEWS – Henny Rahman quipped Larissa Chou after revealing the contents of his short message on Instagram. Although he did not mention his name or initials, the writing on Henny’s Instagram Stories on Sunday (14/11) was strongly suspected of being aimed at Larissa.

Larissa Chou suddenly posted the contents of Henny Rahman’s short message on her Instagram on Saturday (11/13). In the message, Henny stated that he had never been jealous and claimed that his husband and family praised him as better and prettier than Larissa Chou.

“All his family said one by one. So there’s no reason for me to be jealous of you wkwk. I’m jealous of Han So Hee because Alvin still likes him in the drama My Name,” said Henny Rahman.

Larissa didn’t care about Henny’s chatter. Being physically insulted is also not a problem. “Want you to be prettier, what do you want… I’m being stupid, seriously…” Larissa challenged Henny to serve him on Instagram.


Henny responded to Larissa’s challenge. Through Instagram Stories, Henny said, “All this time I’ve been left alone. It’s my turn to be hot alone. Yes, it’s pretentious to want to make a drama, let alone.” Not long after, the writing was deleted by Henny.

Larissa responded to Henny. Through Instagram Stories, Sunday (14/11), Larissa admitted that there was no problem with Henny. When we last met some time ago, Larissa told me that she had left a gift for Henny’s only son from Zikri Daulay, Zayn, who had his 2nd birthday.

On the way back home in Bandung, West Java, after picking up her son, Yusuf, from Alvin and Henny, Larissa Chou called Henny.

“(I) expressed my condolences for his grandmother who died and I also said “be careful on the road,” said the celebrity whose marriage to Alvin Faiz was divorced on June 16, 2021.

“And in my last sms… I just asked him to be wiser and introspect and also apologize if the way my employees reprimanded H and A was the wrong way. I mean… also apologize on behalf of myself,” he continued.



Unexpectedly, Larissa Chou’s good intentions were met with insults. Henny proudly claims that Alvin and his family always say he is much better and more beautiful than Larissa. Therefore there is no reason for him to be jealous of Larissa.

“The texts are even longer and physically insulting and demeaning to me… by bringing A’s family and friends who say they praise him. I don’t care because I don’t care about the topic of the problem I convey about children,” said Larissa.

“But it turned out that the response actually attacked me. For me, jealousy is a natural feeling, I even conveyed it to H. I also prayed for them,” he added.

Muhammad Alvin Faiz don’t stay still. As the head of the family, he asked whatever the problem was to be resolved amicably. If possible with a wise intermediary and can mediate everything.

“By Allah, I want everything to be peaceful. Bismillah, end this dispute, God willing, all of this has a lesson,” said Alvin on Instagram Stories.

“Let’s make peace, everyone. Hopefully we can, yes. Surely we can, for the good of all, don’t want to be instigated by the devil, Nauzubillah. God is pleased with this peace, God willing, amen,” he continued.



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