Gita Sinaga Asked About Changing Religion: Comfortable in My Heart

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Gita Sinaga is known to be in a special relationship with actor Habibie Hood who is Muslim. His girlfriend recently asked Gita Sinaga about the possibility of converting to Islam.

“Well, this will be a witness for everyone watching. I want to ask, maybe Gita Sinaga did not convert to Islam?” asked Habibie Hood as quoted from

Getting a question like that, Gita laughed a little. He immediately answered and said that his answer was honest. The soap opera star also claims that he is a person who really appreciates and accepts differences.

“Hmm this is the original answer yes. That I’m a very pluralist person, you know that, right? I really appreciate and accept many differences. But for me religion is vertical, humans are horizontal. So, the understanding of that belief is the most comfortable in the heart. I do not mention any religion, yes, “said Gita Sinaga.

“But I mean, if suddenly I feel comfortable in Buddhism like that. I feel that it should not be hindered because of human intervention,” he explained again.

The actress, who has been known since starring in the soap opera Girlfriend Choice, said that the belief she chose was what made her heart comfortable. He also did not want to believe in a religion just because of marriage. If that’s the case, life after marriage will be difficult to live.

“So, the belief that I choose is the most comfortable in my heart. Because for me God is a place for us to complain, beg, and ask. If we believe only because of marriage, what life will be after marriage after marriage. The answer is that,” said Gita Sinaga.

Habibie also seemed satisfied with his girlfriend’s answer. He even asked his mother to listen to Gita’s words. “Okay. Mom, watch it, mom, so mommy is happy. Listen to me. You don’t have to ask me many questions, ma’am,” Habibie said with a laugh.


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