Floods of Scorn, Alvin Faiz Asks Not to Share Household Problems on Social Media | NBCNEWS

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Flood of Scorn

As a result of this accusation, Alvin admitted that he received a lot of scorn from netizens. In fact, he said, they did not know the essence of the problem.

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“The big impact is that many interfere, many insult here and there, many judge, this is why I have never wanted to involve social media in any of my problems,” he said.

Larissa Chou’s ex-husband reminds us of sin. According to him, spreading problems on social media can eliminate charity and rewards.

“It’s a terrible sin, one post provokes millions of people to insult one party. So many sins flow to us, in vain the reward and charity we do just disappear,” he said.

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