Farhat Abbas Sindir Nia Daniaty’s Son-in-law: Irresponsible

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Olivia Nathania and Nia Daniaty.  (Doc tabloidbintang.com)

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NBCNEWS – Olivia Nathania or Oi, son Nia Daniaty officially became a suspect and detained at the Polda Metro Jaya on Thursday (11/11) related to a case of alleged fraud under the guise of accepting Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) through a special channel. Hundreds of people became victims with losses of almost Rp. 10 billion.

Lawyer Farhat Abbas, Oi’s former father, said that Nia Daniaty’s daughter was never open about her work. Farhat also alluded to Oi’s husband, Rafly N Tilaar or Raf, who is also a reported person but so far only has the status of a witness.

“From the beginning Oi was not very open, especially regarding the letter to us, he (Rafly N Tilaar) said he didn’t know anything. There we felt that the case was covered, but after developments, we couldn’t do anything,” said Farhat Abbas in Intense Investigation, recently.

Olivia Nathania and Nia Daniaty. (Doc NBCNEWS)

Farhat said he was surprised when Raf said he did not know about his wife’s movements and was accused of being a fraud by hundreds of people. Farhat suspected that Raf had enjoyed the money that Oi had earned in the alleged way.

“So far, her job is gathering her husband’s friends, giving treats to Lombok for up to 40 people. That’s all paid for by Oi, her husband can no longer say he doesn’t know anything. He enjoys and knows that,” said Farhat Abbas.

Farhat Abbas sees Raf as an irresponsible husband. “He should not be far from Oi, he should be in prison together,” said Farhat Abbas.

Farhat Abbas suspected that Oi deliberately wanted to protect her husband from tarnishing his good name. In fact, Farhat believes that if Raf finds out about Oi’s work, it will result in him going to prison.

“If I look at (Oi) too defending her husband, it seems as if her husband is a clean, white, flawless person. Even though I think he knows and he enjoys it and he must be responsible. It means that they must be the same, the name is just as alive and well, don’t throw stones and hide your hands,” concluded Farhat Abbas.



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