Duh, This Gossip Account Makes Votes More Beautiful Larissa Chou or Henny Rahman, Here’s the Result

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The feud of Larissa Chou and Henny Rahman still has not found a point of peace. Even now, it is still a hot topic for netizens in cyberspace.

Recently, an Instagram gossip account @lambee.pedes made a vote on who is prettier between Larissa and Henny.

Is Henny Rahman much prettier than Larissa Chou, Guys?” asked the gossip account giving a choice of ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Of the questions above, 12 percent answered ‘yes’ and 88 percent answered no.

One is not enough, there is another vote which is still a matter of comparing who is prettier between Larissa or Henny.

The result is 91 percent answered Larissa is more beautiful and 9 percent chose Henny.

The results are guys from Mimin’s 10k followers who voted,” wrote the gossip account in his post, Monday (11/15/2021).

Some netizens in the comments column are still glaring at Henny Rahman.

The 12 people are brother Henny, all of whom say that she is naturally beautiful and cool,” commented netizens.

That’s what pressed Henny, his family, or his brothers or sisters, or bad behavior,” commented another netizen.

Netizens said it was more valid than “Bang Alvin and Mama said”“, looks very clear,” commented another netizen.


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