Dicepuin Close Friend, Henny Rahman Reveals He Was Beaten by Zikri Daulay

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ACCURATE.CO Henny Rahman’s upload in the Instagram Story that close friend suddenly appeared in one of the Indonesian gossip Instagrams. An Instagram account @nyonya_gossip contains Henny Rahman’s post which tells about his married life with Zikri Daulay.

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In the post on Instagram Story, Henny uploaded a photo of Zikri Daulay, her ex-husband, who was given a long story about their household. According to the article, Henny admitted that she was beaten when she was pregnant.

“People are playing victims. Duh, it’s crazy to tell people that you are domestic violence, you beat me up when I was pregnant, until suddenly my divorce was not clear. 2 years of marriage, 2 times playing divorce,” said Henny Rahman.

Henny continued that Zikri finally regretted his actions. Furthermore, Alvin Faiz’s wife revealed that she was betrothed to Alvin by Zikri himself.

“You are the one who set me up with Alvin, but you are also the one playing the victim now as if you are hurt,” said Henny.

In addition, Henny admitted that he had tried to cover up Zikri’s behavior for the sake of his ex-husband’s good name. Unfortunately, Zikri actually cornered Henny.

“I’ve tried to cover up everything for the good name of you and your family but instead cornered me now. I’ve been trying to restrain my family and friends too to cover up your rude behavior for Zayn’s sake,” explained Henny.

At the end of the story, Henny warns Zikri that God will retaliate.

“God doesn’t sleep zik, God will repay in His way,” closed Henny.


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