Denny Cagur is blessed with a third child, netizens are curious about pregnancy

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Denny Cagur's wife, Shanty Denny (Instagram/@shantydenny)

Many netizens are wondering when Denny Cagur’s wife is pregnant with their third child.

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John Endra | Dea Dezellynda Madya Ratri

Monday, November 15, 2021 | 14:00 WIB

NBCNEWS – Denny Cagur and Shanty Denny have a third child. The couple finally showed a line of portraits of their baby girl.

The beautiful baby was named Fazeela Meshwa Athari. Through Instagram, Shanty uploaded a video with her daughter.

Denny Cagur’s wife, Shanty Denny (Instagram/@shantydenny)

“It’s 3 in the morning, son @fazeelameshwa.athari Mamih’s eyes are reluctant to close, I made this video for you dear, while I keep looking at your little face, Masya Allah Tabarakallah, thank you for your most beautiful gift, O Allah,” wrote Shanty.

The comment column was immediately flooded with congratulations from fellow artists and netizens.

Shanty Denny and her daughter (
Shanty Denny and her daughter (

“Masha Allah Happy always, Mrs. Santi, Hopefully Athari will be a pious child. Always be healthy, Aammiin, Lord,” wrote Meggy Wulandari.

But many netizens are wondering when Shanty is pregnant with her third child.

“When did you get pregnant? Did you know you had a baby girl,” asked netizens. “Whose child is that, when was he born? Seriously,” said another.

Denny Cagur with his wife, Santi Widihastuti alias Shanty Denny. [Instagram]
Denny Cagur with his wife, Santi Widihastuti alias Shanty Denny. [Instagram]

“Sorry, I failed to focus, really, Santy is pregnant, how come all of a sudden, I failed to understand,” said another. “Sorry, it’s nothing, but when is Shanty pregnant? Am I the one who hasn’t updated,” concluded the netizen.

Shanty does not seem to reply to the netizen’s comments. He chose to focus on caring for his beautiful daughter.


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