CRUEL!!! BEAUTIFUL GIRL Pushed and killed very sadistically, these 3 men were arrested. .

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Three of the five gangs of perpetrators of sadistic murders accompanied by rape in Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra (Sumsel), were arrested. This murder accompanied by rape was carried out because the victim did not want to be married to one of the perpetrators.

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It’s true, we have arrested three suspects for murder and rape,” said Muba Police Chief AKBP Erlin Tangjaya to reporters on Sunday.

Muba Criminal Investigation Unit Head AKP Ali Radikin explained that the three suspects were arrested for raping and killing the victim along with two of his colleagues who are still at large on Wednesday (7/7) at around 09.30 WIB in Sungai Panai, Sanga Desa District, Muba.

“The three suspects along with two colleagues killed the victim with several stab wounds and bruises all over his body, then dumped the victim’s body in the river at the scene,” Ali said separately.

In addition, he said, the perpetrators, namely Alamsari (35), Rian Hidayat (26), JP (16), and SK and CA who are still at large also raped the victim in turns before the victim was killed and thrown away.

“The victim was forced to have sex with the five perpetrators before being killed and thrown into the river,” he said.

Based on this information, the police conducted an investigation. After obtaining the identity of the suspect, the police arrested three suspects on Saturday (10/7) yesterday. Meanwhile, two other suspects with the initials SK and CA are still being chased by officers

“Based on the investigation, we have obtained the identities of the suspects. Meanwhile, we have arrested three people, we are still hunting for two others. For the motive, the victim is not willing to marry the suspect SK (DPO),” he said.

When interrogated, the three suspects admitted their actions. The suspects are now being held and charged with multiple articles of murder and rape.

“The suspect admitted that he had intercourse with and killed the victim. They were charged with primary article 340 in conjunction with 55 of the subsidiary Criminal Code 338 in conjunction with 55 of the Criminal Code and Article 285 of the Criminal Code,” he explained.


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