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The name Larissa Chou has become a hot topic of conversation these days. The reason is, Alvin Faiz’s ex-wife uploaded a short message sent by Henny Rahman, Alvin’s wife. Netizens suspect that Larissa’s upload is because the mother of one child is already too upset with Henny. It’s no wonder that Larissa’s comment column is filled with support from netizens.

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All this time, Larissa was attached to image strong and tough woman. After divorcing from Alvin, Larissa raised Yusuf, her only child with Alvin alone. In fact, even after the divorce, she had time to vent at length about what she experienced during her status as the wife of Alvin. For all friends, these things can be proof that Larissa Chou is a strong woman.

Talk at length about Alvin’s treatment of him during their marriage

Deciding to separate, Larissa finally reveals one by one Alvin’s bad qualities through story his Instagram. Larissa said that during her marriage, Alvin never guided her in matters of religion and taught the Koran, not even inviting her to pray at night.

Larissa Chou’s story [sumber gambar]

However, in public, Alvin said that he always guides Larissa so that her image looks good. Alvin also ignores his son, he prefers to play games rather than accompanying Yusuf to study. Even worse, Larissa said that Alvin had sex with another woman in 2019.

Had admitted that he was mentally disturbed, but still got up again and again

Not long ago separated from Alvin, Larissa again expressed her heart through her Twitter. In the tweet, Larissa said that she had been mentally destroyed and she was slandered. However, the tweet no longer exists, netizens suspect the post has been deleted.

Larissa was stressed [sumber gambar]

However, some gossip accounts had time to re-share the article. Many netizens prayed that Larissa would find the best way and be patient in dealing with every storm that comes, especially after she divorced.

Paying for all of Yusuf’s needs alone

After the divorce, custody of the children fell into the hands of Larissa. However, when asked by the media about her income, Larissa said that her ex-husband still provides for Yusuf. Before that, Alvin had received criticism from netizens for allegedly only providing a living of Rp. 3 million per month.

Larissa and Yusuf [sumber gambar]

In fact, Yusuf needs almost Rp. 10 million. After being criticized by netizens, Alvin seems to add pocket money for Yusuf. It was revealed by Larissa’s friend, Hanny Kristanto, that Alvin sent approximately Rp. 5 million for the child. The rest, all of Yusuf’s other needs are met by Larissa herself.

Getting a less ‘good’ message from Henny Rahman

If Larissa is still single until now, it’s different with Alvin. Not long ago divorced from Larissa, he married Zikri Daulay’s ex-wife, Henny Rahman. Even though they have their own lives, Henny seems to still often annoy Larissa. He even sent a message, saying that Alvin Faiz’s family saw him much prettier and better than Larissa.

SMS Henny Rahman [sumber gambar]

Henny said that her husband’s family viewed her as more cool and natural than Larissa. In response to this, Larissa uploaded a screenshot of the contents of the SMS on her Instagram and asked Henny to meet her in person. Wow, netizens like it’s really with a brave girl like this~

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Larissa Chou also seems to have come to terms with all the bad things she has experienced. Even though Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman continue to quip through uploads stories On their Instagram, Larissa doesn’t seem bothered by everything. He even looks happy and enjoy the days with loved ones.

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