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Islamic baby girl names 2 words

Choosing a baby name is not an easy thing. Especially Parents Of course you want a name that has meaning and a good prayer for the baby, right? So as not to be confused, maybe a 2-word Islamic baby girl name can be an option.

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This collection of names can also be a good prayer and hope for your little one. The following is a selection of baby girl names for the baby that NBCNEWS has successfully collected for Parents.

40 Islamic baby girl names 2 words and their meanings

1. Abidah Daniya

Worshipers who are close to Allah SWT

Abidah: In Arabic, it means civilized. Abidah In Islamic language, it means the obedient to worship

Daniya: Closer

2. Aza Shakila

It means a woman who is beautiful, beautiful and gives comfort when talking.

Aza: The name Aza is of Arabic origin which means comfort

Shakila: Derived from Arabic which means the beautiful (another form of Shakilla or Shakilla)

3. Afiza Ghana

Beautiful daughter and expert in the Koran

Afiza: Has the meaning of Al-Quran expert

Ghana: Has the meaning of a beautiful woman

4. Ahza Rumaisa

The beauty and beauty of women who live full of luck

Ahza: Has a lucky meaning

Rumaisa: It means a beautiful bunch of flowers

5. Aurelia Almashyra

A heart that delights in fame and virtue.

Aurelia: This name is also widely used by people all over the world. It has a golden meaning.

Almashira: The name Almashyra means fond of fame and virtue.

6. Aludra Rumaisha

Pure holy girl who reconciles the hearts of others

Aludra: It means virgin girl

Rumaisha: The name Rumaisha has the meaning of reconciling

7. Alman Arrahma

A woman who is full of love, kind and wise

Alman: Has the meaning of desire and wisdom

Arrahma: This name has the meaning of affection (Arrahman)

8. Ayna Azkayr

Has the meaning of a beautiful girl, attractive, clean-hearted and much respected by others

Ayna: It means beautiful flower

Azkayra: Clean and respected person

Islamic baby girl names 2 words

9. Arisha Azzahra

A woman who has a tall stature, is strong and has extraordinary intelligence

Arisha: It means tall and strong

Azzahra: Has extraordinary and intelligent meaning

10. Amirah Lashira

A woman who is intelligent and is trusted by many others

Amirah: Can be trusted

Lashira: Very clever

11. Aisyah Nurmaulina

The woman who attains the highest enlightenment of life

Aisha: Have the meaning of life

Nurmaulina: It means top light

12. Azizah Nayyira

This name means the light of the heart of a woman who is noble, honorable, high and strong

Azizah: It means noble, honorable and strong

Nayira: Has a luminous meaning

13. Basyasya Afifa

A woman whose face is radiant because she is purified

Basyasya: Meaning in Islam is a lot of smiles.

Afifa: In Arabic it means holy, pure

14. Bhanu Zaina

It means the bright light of a woman who is beautiful and charming

Bhanu: It means light, bright light

Zaina: Has a beautiful meaning

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15. Delisha Malikha

Intelligent leader

Delisha: Happy bearer

Malika: In Arabic, it means another form of malika (queen).

16. Fadhilla Shaqeena

The advantages and glory of a woman who works hard

Fadilla: Has the meaning of glory, advantages and virtues

Shaqeena: (another form of Sakinah) means calm and diligent

17. Fayra Zikra

A beautiful woman who always makes dhikr and remembers Allah

Fayra: Is another name for Fairuz which means a gemstone that is slightly greenish-blue in color

Dhikr: It means remembrance of Allah SWT

18. Farzana Naina

A woman who is an example because she is wise and intelligent

Farzana: It means wise, clever and lucky

Naina: Has the meaning of eyes

baby girl name

19. Fitriani Zharifa

The name Fitriani Zharifa means kindness and fame of a pure girl and her soul

Fitriani: It means holy girl

Zharifa: (lan form of Sharifa) Has the meaning of goodness, fame

20. Ghayda Behira

A girl who is meek and kind, who shines brightly

Ghayda: It means gentle and kind

Behira: It means shining bright

21. Gazala Saffiya

A girl who is smart, charming and has many best friends

Gazala: It means smart, charming

Saffiya: Best friend

22. Hafla Selina

A girl who has intelligence and broad knowledge, and shines a light on many people

Hafla: It means genius and knowledgeable

Selin: The name comes from the Greek, which means moon

23. Suhaima

Lucky woman who has a lot of knowledge

Science: Knowledge

Suhaima: Luck

24. Kireina Azzahra

A suitably beautiful girl who has extraordinary intelligence

Cyrene: Has a beautiful meaning

Azzahra: It means extraordinary and intelligent

25. Khalisa Fairuza

It means a girl who is born clean and precious

Khalisa: Has the meaning of pure clean

Fairuza: It means precious stone

26. Khairina Mahveen

A girl who is kind and shining as bright as the sun

Khairina: It means goodness

Mahveen: It means sunlight

27. Laiba Ashalina

A woman who is beautiful, attractive and fun like an angel from heaven

Laiba: It means the angel of heaven

Ashalina: Has a sweet and pleasant meaning

28. Maira Viliami

The light of a girl’s heart who is the protector of the weak

Maira: Has a protected meaning

Viliami: Has a definite protective meaning

29. Naura Arashya

A female hero whose name is remembered by many people

Nora: Has the meaning of flower

Arashya: Derived from Persian, this name means the hero in Persian fairy tales

30. Sajida Muthiah

Obedient to prostrate to his Lord

Sajida: Kneel

Muthiah: Obey

31. Ayesha Baashima

Rich woman who has a charming smile

Ayesha: The wife of the Prophet who is also rich

Baashima: Charming smile

32. Bilkis Deemah

A beautiful woman with a cool character

Bilkis: beautiful

Deemah: the beauty of rain

33. Fadela Dayesha

The essence of perfect life

Fadela: perfect

Dayesha: essence of life

34. Fayza Khatija

A woman of faith who triumphs

Fayza: the woman who always brings home the victory

Khatija: someone who believes

35. Leena Jasmine

A gentle woman with a warm personality who spreads kindness

Leena: gentle girl with warm heart

Jasmine: jasmine flower scent

36. Aleema Aqsa

Smart educated woman

Aleema: means educated

Aqsa: means smart

37. Salima Tisha

The woman who will complete life

Salima: complete meaning

Tisha: means life

38. Warda Zaara

A girl as beautiful as a rose

Warda: roses

Zaara: beautiful flower

39. Thara Yusra

A woman who is rich and prosperous in her life

Thara: means wealth

Yusra: means prosperity

40. Daneen Farha

A happy princess

Daneen: means princess

Farha: means happy

Here is a selection of 40 Islamic baby girl names 2 words. Hopefully it will be an inspiration for parents, yes.


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