Ayus and Nissa were caught attending a joint event, Ririe Fairus said this

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NBCNEWS, Bogor —

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It is known that Ririe Fairus and Ayus Sabyan’s marriage has foundered because of the news that a third person was present in their marriage, Nissa Sabyan is also suspected of having an illegal relationship with Ayus and being accused of being the actor.

Finally, the two agreed to separate and officially divorced on March 24, 2021. While attending the wedding reception of Ria Ricis and Teuky Ryan, Ririe Fairus admitted that he was reluctant to reconcile with his ex-husband Ayus Sabyan.

“Oh, no, I don’t want to reconcile,” said Ririe Fairus, quoted from the KH INFOTAINMENT YouTube channel, Sunday (11/14/2021).

“With Ayus, communication, the closeness is fine, there are no problems,” said Ririe.

However, the two are on good terms with each other and still communicate to take care of their children.

“Still, still. (Ayus) Still meeting children,” said Ririe.

Ayus and Nissa were seen attending the invitation together at the wedding of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan. However, when asked about this, Ririe evaded and said that she did not see the two of them at the event.

Even when asked further about his relationship with Ayus Sabyan, Ririe chose not to answer a number of questions from the media about Ayus after the divorce.

The news about the third person in their marriage began to surface because a video circulated showing the closeness between Ayus and Nissa. Ririe filed for divorce from her husband because it was suspected that her husband had an affair with vocalist Nissa Sabyan.


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