Ahead of the Indonesian National Team, Myanmar Defeats the FIFA Ranking 141 Team | NBCNEWS

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Myanmar successfully defeated the team ranked 141 FIFA ahead of the trial match against the Indonesian national team in Turkey.

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The Myanmar national team again held a trial before challenging the Indonesian national team.

This time, Myanmar conquered the country of origin of the African continent, Burundi.

The White Angels squad with a thin score of 2-1 on Saturday (11/13/2021).

Two of Myanmar’s winning goals were created by Sam Lanman (28′) and Hein Phyo Win (81′).

While the reply from Burundi was scored by Bigiri Mana in the 78th minute.

Burundi is not an insignificant team when compared to Myanmar and Indonesia.

Burundi, which is filled with European players, is currently ranked 141 in FIFA.

While Myanmar is ranked 145 FIFA, then Indonesia is in position 165 FIFA.

This is Myanmar’s second victory before facing the Indonesian national team.

Previously, Antoine Hey’s squad also won 2-1 over the amateur team of the Turkish League, Manavgatspor FC, Wednesday (10/11/2021).

This result can be a good capital for Myanmar before challenging the Indonesian national team.

Myanmar will face the Indonesian national team with a FIFA A Match match status on November 25, 2021.

The match was very influential on the acquisition of points for both teams in the FIFA rankings.

For this reason, the Indonesian national team coach Shin Tae-yong hopes that his team can win over Myanmar.

Not only against Myanmar, Shin Tae-yong is also eyeing victory in the match against Afghanistan, Tuesday (16/11/2021).

“So we only have 25 players. We are targeting two victories against Afghanistan and Myanmar,” said Shin Tae-yong.

Victories over Afghanistan and Myanmar can have a positive impact on the FIFA ranking of the Indonesian national team.

“Winning victory will certainly increase Indonesia’s FIFA ranking and increase players’ confidence ahead of the 2020 AFF Cup,” said Shin Tae-yong.

Moreover, Afghanistan and Myanmar have higher FIFA rankings than Indonesia.

Afghanistan itself is currently ranked 152nd FIFA.

After undergoing training camps in Turkey, Myanmar and Indonesia will both fight in the 2020 AFF Cup which will be held in Singapore.

Indonesia is in Group B with defending champions Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia.

Meanwhile, Myanmar is in Group A with hosts Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Timor Leste.

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