ACTION chasing the police, the robber was caught because he fell asleep in his rental car. .

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The Handsome Sector Police (Polsek) in Pekanbaru City, Riau, arrested two perpetrators of robbery or violent theft (curas).

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They previously carried out robberies with firearms and machetes and threatened their victims in the act.

Pekanbaru Police Chief Kombes Pol Pria Budi said the two perpetrators carried out a robbery at a retail store in the area of ​​Jalan HR Soebrantas, Tuah Madani District, Pekanbaru City.

“The two perpetrators are ID (29) and RN (31). They carried out a criminal act by pointing retail employees using firearms and brandishing a machete,” said Budi in a written statement received by, Saturday (11/13/2021) .

Budi said the incident occurred on Friday (11/5/2021), at around 23.30 WIB.

The perpetrator at that time took Rp 3.9 million in cash from the retail cashier’s desk after threatening store employees.

In addition, they took 209 packs of cigarettes and one cell phone.

The two perpetrators fled in a rental car after their actions.

The police who received a report of a robbery case immediately launched an investigation.

Until finally, they were arrested during their escape in the Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) Regency, Riau, Tuesday (9/11/2021).

The two perpetrators were arrested by officers sleeping in the rental car they brought. The two perpetrators stopped on the side of the road, because they ran out of gas, so they decided to stop,” said Budi.

From the hands of the perpetrators, officers confiscated a number of pieces of evidence, namely a Revolver assembled firearm along with three rounds of ammunition, a gun holster, a machete, and a cell phone unit.

From the results of the examination, said Budi, the two previous perpetrators also carried out robberies in Minas District, Siak Regency, Riau.

The proceeds of the robbery were used by the two perpetrators for living expenses and also to buy drugs.

“The money from the crime was used by the perpetrators to buy drugs, and the results of a urine test were positive for drugs,” said Budi.

The two perpetrators, he added, were charged with Article 365 of the Criminal Code on curas with the threat of life imprisonment.


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