A series of challenges to haunt the increasing number of entrepreneurs in the country!

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ACCURATE.CO Chairman of the Central Governing Body of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (BPP HIPMI) Mardani H. Maming acknowledged that there are a number of challenges faced in increasing the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia. He said, based on statistical data, the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is only 3.4 percent.

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Compared to Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia is far behind in terms of the number of entrepreneurs.

“Malaysia is at the 5 percent level and Singapore 6 percent. Meanwhile, to become a developed country, it takes 12 percent of entrepreneurs from the population. We are far behind from neighboring countries whose population is smaller than Indonesia,” said Maming after inaugurating the BPD management. HIPMI Papua for the period of 2021-2024, at the Mayo Privat Resort Holtekamp, ​​Jayapura City, Papua.

Indonesia’s population of 270 million people should, said Maming, be a great potential to increase the number of entrepreneurs, especially Indonesia will get a demographic bonus era in 2030 where there are more young people than parents.

“This is our opportunity, so I ask young people to become entrepreneurs, but also have to participate in politics, because to produce regulations by the legislature that can be pro to young people and entrepreneur, so that we welcome the demographic bonus, the regulations have been felt,” he said.

He said, HIPMI is a cadre organization that embraces young people from the district, provincial and national levels. Through the program Go to campus, Go to school and Go to Pesantren, HIPMI indoctrinated them to become entrepreneurs.

“We indoctrinate them after graduating from college or graduating from high school, don’t think about becoming civil servants (PNS), if all young people think like that, soon this country will go bankrupt. So, we teach them to become entrepreneurs,” he said.

Therefore, by increasing the number of entrepreneurs, the former regent of Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan, encourages entrepreneurs, especially in the regions, to become investment bridges. He hopes that the new management will become a bridge for investment, especially in Papua.

“Minister of Investment / BKPM RI Mr. Bahlil Lahadalia is considered a representative of Papua and also several ministers in the current Joko Widodo and Ma’ruf Amin Cabinet who are HIPMI cadres are expected to be able to communicate with HIPMI Center. Hopefully, the relationship between HIPMI’s kinship can be much better. invested in Papua, because this region is famous for its natural resources,” he said.


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