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“Speaking of taking care of the household and career, why should women be asked to choose? Can’t we get both? That question seems to make women powerless. In real life narratives, women become unlimited power.” – Najwa Shihab. I agree with Najwa’s words. If the work environment supports childcare, why not?

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Women are placed in complicated social conditions. Often, women who are married and have children complain about their dual role. Research shows that women’s work performance changes more often after marriage and childbirth.

Does a woman’s role as a wife and mother immerse her abilities and competencies in her career? In reality, this is not entirely the case.

Women’s careers will remain brilliant even in the duality of their responsibilities at home and in the office. Because, the work environment can be a support system. What are the criteria for a work environment that supports parenting, aka a friendly workplace for career mothers?

1. Offer periodic leave

Having a family and having children totally changes the time a woman has. Before marriage and giving birth, women can fully focus on developing themselves.

On the other hand, when she is married and plays the role of mother, the woman is the center for her husband and children. So, the leave provided by the work environment will be very beneficial for you – especially when you have just given birth.

2. Healthy working hours

The fair working limit based on Law no. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower Employment is 7 hours in 1 day, or 40 hours of work per week in 6 days. Maximum 8 hours of work in 1 day or 40 hours of work in 1 week if the count is 5 working days per week.

The work system is a determining factor that supports physical and mental health in working mothers. In an office environment, it is necessary to understand your needs, your main priority is family, when you are free from working hours. So, vacation time is no longer disturbed by office work.

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3. Provide a lactation room

Mothers who already have children, of course, most of them aspire to breast-feeding, aka exclusive breastfeeding. The ASI generation is also part of the Indonesian government’s program to give birth to smart and tough children.

The availability of a lactation room in the office environment makes it easier for mothers to continue working in the office during breastfeeding hours, so that work time remains efficient.

4. Have child care

supportive work environment

Parenting is a mother’s obligation that cannot be replaced or replaced by anyone – including the education provided by daycare. An office environment that has a location for leaving children, is Mother’s choice so that she can still supervise and monitor children fully.

Mother is certainly calmer at work, when the child remains around his work location even though he is not in the same room.

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5. Facilitating investment in children’s education

Mainly, working mothers can be motivated to provide a complete education and every mother would want their children to grow up with a brighter future than their parents. Education is one of the gateways for children to reach their dreams.

Unfortunately, the increasingly high cost of education, often confuses Father and Mother. Offices that take the initiative to open savings or investments for children’s education can spur Mother’s enthusiasm to work more optimally.

6. Flexibility of work

supportive work environment

Technology has become a savior during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a new habit for working mothers, the office environment can provide freedom to work at home with agreed terms and conditions.

In addition to still being able to take care of the household, the ease of working with technology encourages innovation and creativity, because you don’t have to be tired on the way to the office and after work.

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7. Holding parenting seminars

An intelligent mother is a mother who understands that parenting is very important. Currently, although it is not a work environment that is engaged in child development, offices in Indonesia are starting to promote parenting for their employees.

Given that family is also a priority in one’s life, if the family is harmonious then workers are able to carry out activities in the office without obstacles.

8. Accommodates special menu catering

One that is quite sensitive when playing a dual role between being a mother and a career woman is preparing nutritious meals for the family. Cooking certainly cuts time for Mother, while healthy food is the main source of life.

A solutive work environment, should offer catering with special menus for babies, children, or menus that can be adjusted.

Written by Dian Pertiwi Josua, UGC Contributor of theAsianparent.com.

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