6 Facts about DJ Tessa Morena, Creator of “Vision Spree Mission Spree”!

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Who has watched TikTok content about vision spree mission spree? Or maybe you’ve created TikTok content using that audio? If so, then you probably already know that it was DJ Tessa Morena who created the trend! Even his TikTok video went viral. Who the hell is Tessa Morena? Let’s discuss more through 8 facts about DJ Tessa Morena below!

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1. Original Surabaya

Leony Thessalonica or familiarly called Tessa Morena was born in Surabaya on August 12, 1996. She is currently 25 years old. On various occasions, Tessa Morena said that she really idolized the Persebaya football group from Surabaya, so she named herself Bonita alias Bonek Wanita. For your information, Bonek is a nickname for Persebaya fans.

Meanwhile, Tessa admits that she likes to watch Persebaya football matches live at the stadium, you know! Maybe if you also like watching Persebaya matches at the stadium, you could be on the same podium as Tessa Morena, or maybe you have passed her?

2. Had Become SPG

It turns out that before entering the world of DJ Tessa Morena worked as an SPG or sales promotion girl you know! Although the company’s name has not yet been revealed, he has admitted on several occasions that he is a former SPG. Meanwhile, from the observations of netizens on Twitter, it seems that DJ Tessa Morena is a former SPG Ramayana, department store famous in Indonesia. The netizen said that his voice reminded him of shopping there. Do you agree?

3. Entering the DJ World Since 2017

In a further fact, it turns out that Tessa Morena started to pursue the world of DJing since 2017, when she was around 21 years old. He started learning DJing through special classes, then made his debut in small cafes in Surabaya. Dissatisfied, Tessa expanded her career by DJing in famous nightclubs. Until finally Tessa Morena succeeded in becoming a permanent DJ player at Escobar Night Club Surabaya. Are you interested in seeing DJ Tessa Morena perform?

4. Single Mother and Has a Beautiful Daughter

It turns out that Tessa Morena is a single mother you know! She takes care of her very beautiful baby named Bennetta alone. He often uploads his togetherness with his baby on his Instagram account @djtessamorena_real while on vacation to Prigen Safari Park, Bandung White Crater, and Lembang Milk Farmhouse. Many praise Bennetta’s beauty, which is very similar to her mother. Do you think Tessa Morena and Bennetta look alike? Comment below yes!

5. Go viral on TikTok with Vision spree Mission spree

If you like playing TikTok, you must be familiar with the phrase, “Vision spree mission spree, vision mission spree spree, don’t play play bosque!”

Yes, the originator of that sentence was Tessa Morena when she played DJ and made TikTok content. As a result, the video went viral and was viewed more than 11 million times. Even Tessa Morena was invited on the famous television shows Pagi Pagi Ambyar, Brownis, One Man Show, and The Sultan. He automatically met various famous celebrities such as Dewi Persik, Ivan Gunawan, Ruben Onsu, and many others. That’s really cool!

6. Frequently Visiting Orphanages

Besides being good at playing DJ and taking care of children, Tessa Morena also often visits orphanages to make donations or just to visit. This is evident from his Instagram post dated August 25, 2020, which shows his closeness to orphanage children. He wrote caption“It’s nice to meet you again, this is all because of God’s goodness and mercy. Stay healthy, brothers and sisters.”

7. Ever Confided To Haters

It turns out that DJ Tessa Morena has also shared words that tickle for haters-his. It was revealed in highlights Instagram titled Dont Judge me! which discusses if it is not good to judge people from the outside only. He also discussed that in the past he used to eat potluck, it was even difficult to buy milk for his child. Tessa wrote in Javanese, “Uwong granny says I’m arrogant means you don’t know me, don’t ero, soroh I bien. Ojokno tuku susu gae son, tuku sego can’t know, until I get a ring, ancen I saiki durung dadi opo-opo but at least my life is much better than before, so I can make outrageous remarks!”

Do you know what it means? Otherwise, we interpret it like this, “When people say I’m arrogant, it means they don’t know me, they don’t know how hard I was. Don’t buy milk for children, you can’t even buy rice. Until the ring pawns, indeed I have not become anything now but at least my life is much better than before, until you can all be sarcastic!”

8. Have Many Fans

The last fact is that DJ Tessa Morena has a lot of fans. This is evidenced through his social media accounts such as Instagram, TikTok, to YouTube. On his most recent Instagram account, he has 192k followers. Even though the account is new because the old account can’t be accessed because it’s been hacked.hack. While on TikTok, he has around 542 thousand followers and the contents got more than 2.5 million like. Then on YouTube, he already has 128 thousand subscribers. Very famous right?

Those are 8 facts about DJ Tessa Morena, trendsetter vision spree mission spree, don’t play play bosque! Have you ever listened to DJ Tessa’s music? If so, which is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments column yes!

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