5 things about this technology we may hear very often, it turns out to be wrong!

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The progress of today’s era has made many changes in various lines of human life around the world, one of which is technology. Now, we can feel a massive change in this one sector when compared to the past. Uniquely, along with these advances, there are also myths about technology that we often hear in everyday life.

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But the name is also a myth, you can believe it or not. Especially if this is not true and is not proven at all. Starting from objects that we often hold every time we do activities, to other objects that are the result of the changing times. Sure, you must have often heard the myths below. Come on!

1. If you arrive at the airport, you must have heard advice from other people to be careful when passing through X-rays. He said he could delete data on cellphones and laptops

Airport check / Credit: Science ABC

It seems that this ridiculous myth is still widely believed by the public. In fact, some of us may belong to one of them. It is true that X-rays can give a picture of what is in the bag without us having to open it first. However, it turns out that cellphones and laptops do not have components that are responsive with X-ray effects. The point is that we want to pass through the light, there will be no problem. Unless we bring forbidden items~

2. Macbooks are predicted to be laptops that will not be exposed to viruses. Hmmmm, is it true?

Macbook / Credit: Gencil via gencil.news

When it was first launched until several generations later, this one Apple product was arguably free from viruses. The reason is because in those days people still used Windows-based laptops, where hackers would choose Windows to be the target for the spread of computer viruses. However, along with the times and technology, now there are also many hackers who have managed to break into the Macbook security system and produce viruses for it. Horrible too, huh!?

3. Charging the phone for a full night can damage battery life. Yes, but that was then~

Illustration of charging HP / Credit: Pcmag via www.pcmag.com

Similar to the Macbook problem, the charging system on the cellphone also has many significant changes. If in the past we had to order charging within a certain time and not exceed it, now we don’t need to worry about that. Almost all mobile phones today have an automatic network breaker. So, if you want to charge it all night, when the battery is 100%, the electric current will stop automatically.

4. Using a cell phone in the gas station area can trigger a fire. Is it true?

Regulations at gas stations / Credit: Infocomputer via infocomputer.grid.id

If we light a cigarette and take it easy sebats in the area for refueling vehicles, aka gas stations, it is clear that it can trigger a fire. Especially if the cigarette butt falls and hits the spilled gasoline. But, so far there have been no cases of sparks at gas stations caused by cellphones. Even so, just in case, just follow the rules.

5. Playing too much games on line he said make leaky auto is stupid. It’s not like that this time

Illustration of playing online game / Credit: Upoint via upoint.id

This myth is one of the most widely believed myths, especially by mothers. The goal is clear so that their children don’t play online games too often. In fact, scientifically this assumption has never been proven true. In fact, in some cases, there are children whose mindsets are really cool because they often play certain types of online games, such as strategy games. So, the bottom line is that this myth is simply not true.

It’s okay to believe in something, but it’s also okay to have a look first, especially if it’s related to technological developments. After all, the more advanced technology is here, it means that there are always dynamic changes in it. What happened in the past may not happen in the present, and vice versa.

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