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chinese baby names

Still looking for a unique and meaningful name for your baby-to-be? Don’t worry, you can embed a typical Chinese baby name as an option. The reason is, the names used in the land of bamboo usually symbolize goodness, prosperity, and luck.

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The meaning of a name is also fairly important for Chinese society. They believe that the name will be an inherent characteristic of someone who has it.

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Male names in China usually mean prosperity and strength. On the other hand, female names usually symbolize beauty and elegance.

Such meaningful names tend to be in accordance with the expectations of parents, so that their children can also pass on the meaning of the name that has been given in the future.

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Here’s a list of typical Chinese baby names for girls and boys that theAsianparent has compiled especially for you!

145 Chinese Baby Names for Baby Girls and Boys

We divide the group of names into three. The first is Chinese baby names for girls, the second part is Chinese baby names for boys, and the third part is for variations of the series of girl and boy names.

54 Names for Girls

  1. An: Peaceful, quiet, serene
  2. Anchi: A beautiful angel
  3. Bao-yu: Precious gem
  4. Chyou: Wine season, beauty
  5. Fang Yin: Fragrant, fragrant, elegant, sweet
  6. Fen: Sweet and calming fragrance
  7. Jia Li: Beauty, beautiful
  8. jianying: An active, smart, and important woman
  9. Jiao: Captivating
  10. Jieru: Speed, able to think quickly, intelligent
  11. Jingmi: Kind, always respect others
  12. Kaili: Those who crave prosperity
  13. Kangjian: Not reluctant to give, generous, honest
  14. Kiew: A woman who is loved by many others
  15. Li Wei: Beautiful roses
  16. Lian: A princess, a bright light
  17. Lien-hua: Lotus flower
  18. Mayleen: Beauty
  19. May: Luck, high hopes
  20. Mei-Yin: Beautiful, beauty
  21. Mingmei: Beautiful and smart girl
  22. Niu: Cheerful young woman
  23. Nuan: Friendly, loyal friend
  24. Nuwa: Creative, has a lot of ideas
  25. Peiyu: Purity, sincerity
  26. Qiancheng: Bright future
  27. Qiaofeng: A woman who is agile, graceful, and intelligent
  28. Qionglin: Snow
  29. Qixuan: Impressive, loved by many
  30. Qui: Fall
  31. Sashuang: A woman who is brave and always wants to help
  32. Shuwan: Someone who is noble and cheerful
  33. Tao: Long-lived
  34. Tianba: Great and brave woman
  35. Tianzhi: Noble, from heaven
  36. Wei: Valuable
  37. Xia: Cheerful and shining like sunlight
  38. Xia He: Pure and elegant
  39. Xiang: Fragrant and fragrant, elegance
  40. Xianlun: Polite girl
  41. Xin Qian: Always be happy and spread happiness
  42. Xinxin: Women who always want to grow, smart women
  43. Xionglue: Talented, creative
  44. Xiuying: Brave and beautiful
  45. Xiu Juan: Elegance and beauty
  46. Yan: Beautiful, swallow
  47. Which: The sun is shining bright
  48. Yenny: Eternal desire and longing
  49. Yimin: Happy
  50. Yihua: Interesting, lots of friends
  51. Yueyin: The moon that shines bright
  52. Zhishu: Have a kind heart, understanding
  53. Zhan: Precious, original, plain
  54. Zhu: Nature lover, woman who cares for the environment
  55. Hien: Gentle

Chinese Baby Names for Boys

145 Unique Chinese Names for Baby Girls and Boys

  1. Anming: Peaceful city
  2. Aiguo: Patriotic
  3. Changyi: Generous and understanding
  4. Chen: Generous and brave man
  5. Chyou: A man who is beautiful and calm like autumn
  6. Fengying: Someone who is smart and also smart
  7. Haocun: Great
  8. Heng: Eternal
  9. Ho: Kind and understanding
  10. Hongli: Strong, a leader, brave
  11. Huanran: Cheerful and friendly to everyone
  12. Jiang: River
  13. Jianheeng: Someone who is persistent and full of struggle
  14. jianying: Important and intelligent person
  15. Jiazhen: Success, declining prosperity
  16. Jierui: Think smart and open
  17. Jingmi: A man who always respects others
  18. June: Truth and goodness
  19. Kaibo: Have extensive knowledge
  20. Kangjian: Generous and brave
  21. Kong: Glorious
  22. Kun: Universal, knowledgeable and always respects the opinions of others
  23. Li: Strength
  24. Liu Yaoshan: Respected, wise man
  25. Liu Changhai: Prosperity overflows like the ocean
  26. Liu Xingsheng: Prosperous and eternal
  27. Minghao: Bright light, intelligence
  28. qianfan: A thousand screens
  29. Quon: smart boy
  30. Shaosheng: Wisdom, prosperity
  31. Shen: Devoted and obedient to his beliefs
  32. Shilin: Smart and smart
  33. Shin: Victory, triumph, and intelligence
  34. Tao: Peach, symbolizes good looks and kindness
  35. To Mu: Good character and friendly
  36. Tuoli: A clever thinker
  37. Wang Chunying: Knowledgeable
  38. Wang Dunrui: Smart and smart
  39. Zhang Junda: Polite man
  40. Weiheng: Have a unanimous determination, full of determination
  41. Wenhua: Cultured, has a thick character
  42. Xingguang Zhao: Noble ray
  43. Wang Xuemin: Serious, broad and open thinker
  44. Xiuhuan: Beautiful and always excited
  45. Xue: Snow, study hard
  46. Xuemei: be gentle
  47. Yelu: An heir to a prosperous family
  48. Yong: Brave and strong
  49. Yongsheng: Have a strong ambition
  50. Yu: Full of love, vast nature
  51. Yuwen: Famous, handsome, wise
  52. Zhang Bingjie: Crystal
  53. Zhaoyang Hong: As bright as the sun just rising
  54. Zhang Jiangwu: handsome
  55. Zhuting: Men who have important positions, wise
  56. Zixin: Self-confident
  57. Yuxuan: tall house
  58. Yuze: Rain
  59. Zihan: Small child
  60. Shi: Honest
  61. Kai: Victory
  62. Fu: Rich, Man, Dad
  63. Guo: Country
  64. Chao: Abundant
  65. Syaoran: little wolf

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20 Chinese Names by Date of Birth

Names for Boys

  1. Ang Bei: A boy who shines and has high spirits
  2. Bian Cheung: success
  3. Dun Ming: Shining brightly
  4. Gong Fai: A new beginning
  5. Guan Lin: Charming and talented
  6. Ming Hao: Can be trusted
  7. Jun Hui: Talented
  8. Chan Fan: Sailing in winter, child born in winter
  9. Kun Jiazhen: Preserving the universe
  10. Jierui Jun: Smart and trustworthy
  11. Hao Yu: Big house
  12. Chih-Cheng: Reaching life goals

Nicknames for Girls

  1. Fen Lian: Someone who is calm
  2. Li Mei: Beautiful and blooming plums
  3. Ming Na: Glow
  4. Jia Mee: Beautiful face
  5. Xiang Qian: Happy
  6. Song Qian: Sounds beautiful
  7. Yu Jie: A beautiful jade
  8. Zhi Yang: Sun
  9. Xuan Yi: Beautiful first child
  10. Cheng Xiao: A charming person
  11. Da Xia: big hero
  12. Jia Li: good and beautiful
  13. Li Hua: Blooming pear flower

So, is there a favorite Chinese baby name? Parents?


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