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11 Types of Seawater Shrimp that are Delicious to Eat!  Which do you like?

Shrimp is one type of seafood the most popular, and it’s incomplete if you eat at a restaurant seafood without ordering it. The size is small, but the taste is amazing. Type seafood This delicious processed in a variety of preparations, and cooking is also not difficult. It only takes a few minutes to process, and taraaa… the prawns are cooked. If you are yourself, of the many types of shrimp, which type of shrimp do you like the most?

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11 Types of Seawater Shrimp that are Delicious to Eat

1. Rebon Shrimp

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In freshwater and marine waters on earth, about 2,000 species of shrimp have been detected. But not all of them are edible, Mother, and not all of them are also in Indonesian waters.

One of the most popular types of shrimp in Indonesia is rebon shrimp. The size of this shrimp is very small, only about less than half an adult’s finger joint.

In Indonesia, this shrimp is usually processed into shredded, chili sauce, peanut brittle, botok, crackers and shrimp paste. Like flavoring, adding rebon shrimp in processed dishes, can improve the taste of the food. If abroad, rebon shrimp is known as ‘terasi’ shrimp‘.

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2. Types of Dogol Shrimp

type of shrimp

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Americans, especially those living on the west coast of Florida, call it ‘pink shrimp‘, while Indonesians call it ‘dogol prawns’. As the name implies, the majority of this shrimp color pink aka pink, a little yellow, and some are greenish yellow (yellow white shrimp).

Its body size is not too big, so it is often referred to as ‘salad prawns’ because it is often served with salads. Besides being enjoyed in salads, this type of shrimp is also delicious fried in flour.

3. Crayfish Shrimp

type of shrimp

Image: Filippiandsea

Another name for this shrimp is white shrimp (white shrimp) or shrimp cap if in Indonesia. Characteristics of thin skin, smooth, and yellowish white with green spots.

The length can reach 20.32 cm. The texture of the meat is dense, tastes sweet, and is easy to clean, making it easy to be processed into a variety of processed foods, such as fried, steamed, boiled, or baked.

If it is burned, it is not very suitable because the thin skin can cause the meat to burn easily.

There are 3 types of jerbung shrimp, namely: Gulf white, Chinese white, and Pacific white. Compared to other countries, Indonesia is one of the largest jerbung shrimp producers in the world. This is also why you will find it very easy to find in fish markets.

4. Vannamei Shrimp

type of shrimp

Image: Fishmarket

The homeland of the vaname shrimp is the East Pacific Ocean region. Another name for this shrimp is white lag shrimp, king prawn, or Pacific white shrimp, and it is the most widely cultivated shrimp species in the world for consumption, especially in countries with subtropical climates.

In Indonesia, this type of shrimp is usually cultivated in ponds or ponds. The cultivation process is relatively fast, and the cultivated products are usually marketed to America, Latin America, and Asia.

The hallmark of this shrimp is its bluish-white color, the meat is also tender and this is what makes many people like this shrimp. It’s just that the price is quite expensive. However, it is still in demand in the market.

5. Types of Fan Shrimp

11 Types of Seawater Shrimp that are Delicious to Eat!  Which do you like?

At first glance it looks like a lobster, only smaller in size. The skin is a little softer than lobster, and a bit rough too. In the market, this shrimp is called fan shrimp or baby slipper lobster.

Just like lobster, fan shrimp are most deliciously processed with spicy spices, such as Padang sauce or balado, or sweet and sour sauce or thick coconut milk.

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6. Types of Windu Shrimp

type of shrimp

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Tiger Shrimp‘ that’s the trade name of this type of shrimp. But if you go to traditional markets, just say ‘shrimp pacet’ or ‘shrimp tiger’. Relatively large in size, this shrimp can be easily found along the coast of Southeast Asia, Australia, South Asia, and East Africa.

Pacet shrimp skin is quite hard and thick, the color varies, some are bluish green with dark transverse stripes, some are reddish with brown transverse stripes.

Most suitable to be processed into tempura, or grilled with honey, to make shrimp curry or shrimp satay. Slurp!

7. Types of Ronggeng Shrimp

11 Types of Seawater Shrimp that are Delicious to Eat!  Which do you like?

Image: Cookitaly

What’s interesting about shrimp named latin Lysiosquilla maculate these are eyes that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. In addition, these marine animals also have spines that are quite hard, especially on the antennae and head. The body is also protected by a hard skin that contains lime which looks like a praying mantis or mantis.

He said, these shrimp live in coral waters, such as in areas that have a lot of coral, granite rocks, reefs, or volcanic rocks.

To kill the shrimp, you have to boil it first. After that, remove the shell by cutting the left or right side of the body. Then, you can process it with flour and fry it, or it’s also delicious baked for a sweeter taste juicy from the shrimp.

8. Lobster

11 Types of Seawater Shrimp that are Delicious to Eat!  Which do you like?

Image: Seaproducts

Duh, you must have imagined how delicious the lobster is, yes, Mother. Enter the restaurant seafood without ordering lobster like something was missing. This type of shrimp is usually found in restaurants or five-star hotels, because the price is not cheap.

The original name of this shrimp is crayfish or barong shrimp. The shape is very large with a unit weight that can reach a weight of 2 kilograms. The skin color varies, there are black, reddish brown, brown and white spots, to green, with a very hard skin texture.

This lobster is already delicious even though it’s only boiled normally, Mother. You can just add a squeeze of lemon juice with a pinch of salt or parsley. Or made with more special dishes such as processed oyster sauce, sweet and sour sauce, lobster prawns thermidor, and grilled lobster prawns.

9. Flower Shrimp

type of shrimp

Many are found in Thailand, that’s why this shrimp is also called ‘Thai flower shrimp‘. It’s called shrimp flower also because the skin tone is similar to flowers. The original skin itself is blackish green with brown transverse stripes, and the legs are slightly reddish in color.

You can process it by simple sauteing using garlic, chili, oyster sauce, asparagus and mushrooms. Continue to eat with hot rice, deh!

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10. Types of Chocolate Shrimp

type of shrimp

Image: Fisheries Noaa

This shrimp is very popular in America. The shell is brown, the texture is hard, the taste varies from slightly sweet to very salty like salt. When cooked the color will turn pink.

The majority of chefs prefer to process this type of shrimp by steaming or boiling it. This is also one way to reduce the saltiness.

11. Shrimp Spot

type of shrimp

Image: Alaska Fish Radio

Also called the spotted shrimp or Alaskan lobster because it has a lobster-shaped and colored spot. The taste of this shrimp is very soft and tender compared to other types of shrimp. But cleaning it is quite difficult, because the shell can break into small pieces and merge with the flesh. The jumbo size of this shrimp can reach a length of 30 cm.

So, if Parents Which type of shrimp do you like the most?

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