Wins Vaccine Lottery, This Woman Profits Rp. 14 Billion!

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NBCNEWS, Currently, governments around the world are promoting the Covid-19 vaccination. Various efforts have been made to attract people to be vaccinated, such as offering large incentives.

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Like in Australia. One of the philanthropists and the company there is trying to get its citizens to get vaccinated by offering gifts. Unmitigated, the project, called ‘Million Dollar Vax’, provides 100 gift cards with spending money reaching USD 1,000 (Rp 14.2 million) to cash worth USD 1 million (Rp 14.2 billion), reports

It’s no joke, one of its citizens, Joanne Zhu, suddenly became a millionaire overnight after winning the Australian vaccine lottery. He had a windfall of USD 1 million.

The 25-year-old told Today that she didn’t know she had won the prize until lottery authorities called her.

“Someone called me a few days ago. I think it’s Friday, and I’m at work, I can’t pick up the phone. Then I called them back and he said: ‘Oh, you won a million dollars! You’re the only one in Australia!’” he said.

Now, he plans to use the money to hold a family reunion in China.

“I want to fly my family out of China first class and put them in a five-star hotel for the Lunar New Year if the border opens. I will buy gifts for my family and invest the rest of my money so I can make more money in the future and to help people if they need help,” he explained. []


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