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NBCNEWS – Having a romantic relationship is not only about beautiful things. Once upon a time, you must have gone through difficult times that became gravel in living the relationship. Not infrequently, when the situation is hit, sometimes someone needs a place to pour out his heart.

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Well, the person who is usually used as a place to vent is generally a friend who is single or doesn’t have a girlfriend. In some cases, talking to singles can help us make the right and wise decisions. But why do they confide in people who are single? Launch page clickdoctor, here’s the review.

Be neutral

When venting with singles, generally he will be neutral because he is not in a position as a partner or has a love relationship. Given such a status, usually singles will be neutral because they are not involved in a relationship.

Using logic instead of feelings

Some people who are in a romantic relationship tend to use feelings rather than logic. This is different when venting or asking a friend for advice who is single. It is likely that the advice they give is not influenced by their feelings for the other person.

Singles usually use logic when responding to stories and don’t get carried away with feelings. The single attitude that is neutral and does not side with anyone is also believed to be able to provide opinions or suggestions for a more rational relationship.

Giving advice based on feelings

Some singles have also experienced the sour and sweet of a love relationship. So they can analyze the problem and give you advice based on the experience they had in the past.

Single friends will generally give you the best advice and don’t want to bring you down or make the wrong decisions.

Have another point of view

You can get a different point of view when you talk to a friend who is single. Because, friends who are single can see some things that escape your feelings or vision when you are in a romantic relationship. When given a new opinion or point of view, you can weigh and think about the suggestion carefully.

Trust and be comfortable talking with singles

Because single friends tend to be neutral, some people can feel comfortable and trusting when confiding in them. In this way, trust will be built.

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