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All proceeds from the sale of this campaign will be donated to empower women.

Dream – The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economic sector is really being felt. Moreover, for those who are involved in the home-based MSME sector.

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Take, for example, home-based bread and cake entrepreneurs. The impact of the pandemic hit the businesses they run.

Helping to empower home-based bread and cake entrepreneurs, e-commerce partnered with Sourdough Babes to launch the Bakers Go Pink x Blibli campaign from November 13 to December 11, 2021. Through this campaign, Blibli invites customers to donate by buying homemade bread and cake products. as well as various merchandise.

The sales proceeds from this campaign will be channeled to various foundations to help address issues of women’s empowerment and child protection in Indonesia.

“The Bakers Go Pink x Blibli program is in line with our commitment to continue to collaborate with local communities and together provide real change for the community,” said Blibli Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Widodo.

Lisa said the collaboration with Sourdough Babes is an important step for Blibli in supporting women to develop themselves and contribute in the way they like. The similar vision with Sourdough Babes makes Blibli believe that this collaboration will provide sustainable benefits.

One of the founders of Sourdough Babes, Debryna D Lumanauw, said the collaboration with Blibli was an important moment to demonstrate the ability of women to make real contributions to society in a simple way. Even while channeling hobbies.

“We hope that the Bakers Go Pink x Blibli program can inspire more people to be more aware of the social issues that are happening and what we can do to deal with them,” he said.

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How to Contribute

Sourdough Babes is a community that started from the friendship of 5 girls who love food very much. This community was established as a platform for home bakers to express and grow together.

Blibli customers can participate in Bakers Go Pink x Blibli simply by purchasing homemade bread and cake products from 80 reliable home bakers Sourdough Babes. The home bakers have diverse backgrounds and spread from Greater Jakarta, Bali, Batam, Balikpapan, Bandung, Cirebon, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya to foreign countries, such as Singapore and Germany.

Bakers Go Pink© Special

In addition, customers can also contribute by buying merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags, and aprons. Proceeds from the sale of products at Bakers Go Pink x Blibli will be distributed to various foundation partners.

These foundations include the Faye House to protect children from human trafficking, violence and exploitation. Also to the Daya Dara Indonesia Foundation (Lovepink) for helping to increase public awareness of breast cancer.

Donations were also channeled to the Harapan Papua Education Foundation to help open wider access to education and health for children in Papua.

Not only can they contribute by buying homemade bread and cakes as well as merchandise, customers can also develop their skills in the bakery sector by following #BakersGoPink

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