Sarwendah Builds Musala in New Store, Prioritizes Employee Convenience for Worship

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Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah are well-known public figures who are active in the entertainment and business industries. Some of their efforts are even successful in the market and are widely known by the Indonesian people. Later, it was discovered that they were going to build a new business.

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Through shows on the family’s YouTube channel, it was explained that Ruben and Sarwendah were preparing an office that would later support the business. Interestingly, Sarwendah is again in the public spotlight. When visiting the new office, the 32-year-old woman was seen thinking about the details of the facility. Including the matter of places of worship for its employees.

Sarwendah wants Muslim employees to feel comfortable. He even asked their needs first

During a visit to the new office, Sarwendah saw several corners of the room in the office which he said still needed repairs. Until finally he arrived at a room he called a prayer room for employees to pray.

In the description, this mother of 3 children plans to build two important points in her shop’s prayer room. First, he will break down one of the walls so that a door can be made for employees and female employees so that they can move from the ablution place to the prayer area easily.

“Because I have asked your employees to perform ablution here, they are afraid of getting wet, so I asked them to break out for a way out,” concluded Sarwendah.

Second, he intends to add a partition that makes it easier for hijab-wearing employees to wear their prayer tools. He also thought about this after asking the employees there.

“Then I asked the girl. They said that if you wear a mukena, you have to take off your hijab. I’m afraid someone will see. Later I will make a cover here, so you can take off the hijab and continue to wear a mukena,” he explained.

Hearing the answer from Sarwendah, not a few netizens praised him

Sarwendah’s action, which was caught on camera, immediately received a response from netizens. They considered that although the mother of Thalia Putri Onsu had different beliefs, matters of worship and comfort remained the top priority. They also gave praise for Sarwendah’s actions.

“The Onsu family is very kind, always holding a prayer room. Very appreciative, always healthy, mother and family, all the teams,” commented one netizen.

“Cool Mother, thinking about the comfort of the employees worshiping. The place is cool, great,” concluded another.

“The tolerance is so high. Always hold a recitation every time you want to open any business. Always healthy The Onsu family, “said the Asrianti Bunga account.

Previously, Ruben Onsu also often helped to build mosques. He does not discriminate in giving donations, the most important thing is the intention to help fellow creatures of God.

“I was moved by a complete renovation to the dome. Let people comment, I just want to have good intentions,” said Ruben in 2019 about his involvement in renovating a mosque in the Serang area, Banten.

Respecting and appreciating a difference is a beautiful thing. May the Ruben Onsu family always inspire the public with their wise actions. Keep the spirit!

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