Regarding the Formula E Case, Reflly Harun Suggests the KPK Do This

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NBCNEWS – Constitutional Law expert Refly Harun gives advice to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) which is investigating cases of alleged corruption in the implementation of the Formula E electric car race in DKI Jakarta.

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Refly assessed that the anti-corruption agency should focus on investigating alleged problems in the PCR test business.

“The cases must be prioritized. Like the PCR business, there are clear numbers, the suspected actors are clearly visible,” said Refly Harun in his statement, Sunday (11/14).

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Refly views that in this case the KPK seems to be conducting an audit, not investigating a corruption case.

“How does it seem like the KPK is conducting an audit of an activity, not investigating a corruption case. Regarding the audit, it’s the BPK’s domain and as far as I know BPK has conducted an audit and there are results,” said Refly.

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Refly also understands, if the KPK certainly receives many public reports related to a number of cases or problems, both those that have indications of corruption or because of other factors.

However, don’t let the public think about Formula E.

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Does the KPK investigation into the Formula E case seem politically charged?

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