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When Prostrating, This Is Istighfar Rasulullah Muhammad SAW

Dream – Prostration, one of the movements in prayer that has a deep meaning for Muslims. Prostration is not just sticking the forehead to the floor.

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The prostration movement signifies the submission of a servant to Allah SWT. The affixed forehead is a sign of how human height means nothing in the sight of God.

Prostration is also a means for a Muslim to complain to his Lord. With prostration, we can say anything, including asking for forgiveness.

Rasulullah Muhammad SAW always used prostration to get closer to Allah. Through prostration, the Messenger of Allah, who was guaranteed to be pure from sin, asked Allah for forgiveness.

When prostrating, the Prophet recited this istighfar sentence. The pronunciation is enshrined in the hadith narrated by Muslim and Abu Daud, from Abu Hurairah Radliyallahu ‘Anhu.

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