Lesti Kejora’s current position is the dream of the Universal Couple, Rizky Billar’s wife shows off this moment in front of her fans! – Gossip

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NBCNEWS.com – Having a harmonious household is the dream of every couple, no exception Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora.

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Married to Rizky Billar on August 19, 2021 ago, right now Lesti Kejora It was discovered that she was pregnant with her first child.

As we know, currently the womb Lesti Kejora has entered the age of 7 months. So no wonder, if all the attention is devoted to the wife Rizky Billar.

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However, what is special in this moment is family Rizky Billar. Yes, not only gets attention from her husband, but Lesti also gets it from the whole family Rizky Billar.

Having a good mother-in-law and brother-in-law is of course a dream for everyone, especially those who are married.

As a result of this, not a few feel jealous and want to have the same position as the 23-year-old singer.

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Back to sharing Rizky Billar’s Youtube togetherness, recently Lesti Kejora didn’t hesitate to spoil her in-laws.

Seen from the show, Lesti seemed to show off her closeness to Rizky Billar’s father and mother.

After approaching her father-in-law, Lesti approached Rizky Billar’s mother and asked for food.

“Mom, want to eat” said Lesti Kejora spoiled.

Without thinking, Lesti’s will was immediately greeted by her mother-in-law gently.

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“Want to eat? Want to eat, okay? What do you want to eat, Grandpa?” asked the mother-in-law.

Not only noticed by her mother-in-law, Lesti was also immediately fed by a member of the Billar family. As if to express her gratitude, Lesti also praised her mother’s cooking.

“Yesterday the soup that Nova fed was really delicious,” said Lesti.

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