Farah Quinn’s Story Kicked and Her Daughter Kicked Out of the Kitchen

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NBCNEWS – Celebrity Chef, Farah Quinn, admits she felt kicked by her youngest daughter, Amaira from the kitchen. Not in the true sense, the 41-year-old woman said when explaining her 3-year-old son’s interest in the world of cooking.

This was conveyed by Farah Quinn when she was met by the media crew in the Fatmawati area, South Jakarta, recently. In her social media account, Farah Quinn often shares moments when Amaira accompanies herself cooking.

“I was kicked out of my own kitchen. I never thought this baby already knew, already kicked his own mother from the kitchen,” said Farah Quinn.

Furthermore, the mother of two explained that Amaira was indeed a child who had rapid development. In addition, the children from their second marriage are also classified as physically active children.

“Actually, this (Amaira) is a bit fast for everyone, talk fast, walk fast, cook. She also likes sports, is very good at swimming, plays golf, gymnastics, has been in the kitchen since she was little, she’s been watching me cook for two years, right now. years have taken over my kitchen,” he explained.

Even though she is still a toddler, Farah said that Amaira can already cook simple foods. The princess’s curiosity was quite high when she saw herself cooking in the kitchen.

“(Amaira can) Cook simple things, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles. But whatever I do in the kitchen she doesn’t want to be left behind, she always contributes,” said Farah Quinn.


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