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Bob Marley is one of the world's celebrities who have many children/Kompasiana

Usually, when we talk about world celebrities having lots of children, our thoughts often drift to the Kardashians. In fact, there are many other celebrities who have children more than The Kardashians, you know. Anyone, huh?

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You will definitely be surprised by the number. Here are 9 world celebrities who have many children:

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1. Bob Marley (13 children)

Total children owned by world famous celebrities through songs No Women No Cry this is 13 people. Three from his wife Rita (two adopted from Rita’s pre-married relationship with Bob) and eight from different women.

The thirteen children are Imani Carole (57) from Cheryl Murray, Sharon (56) from Rita in a previous marriage, Cedella (53), David “Ziggy” (52), and Stephen (48) Rita and Bob’s biological child, Robert ” Robbie” (48) from Pat Williams, Rohan (48) from Janet Hunt, Karen (47) from Janet Bown, Stephanie (46) said Rita’s relationship with Bob Marley’s brother, Julian (45) from Lucy Pounder, Ky-Mani ( 44) from Anita Belnavis, Damian (42) from Cindy Breakspeare, and Makeda (39) from Yvette Crichton.

2. Eddie Murphy, World Celebrity Has Many Children Up to 10

Eddy Murphy’s first child (59), Erick (31), was born from the womb of his lover, Paulette McNeely. After breaking up with Paulette, Eddy is dating Tamara Hood and has a son named Christian (30).

In 1993 he also married a model, Nicole Mitchell, and together they have 5 children, namely Bria (30), Miles (26), Shayne Audra (24), Zola Ivy (19), and Bella Zahra (17) . The two divorced in 2006.

And not long after, still in the same year, Eddy announced his eighth child named Angel from his girlfriend who is a member of the Spice Girls, Melanie Brown. Their son’s name is Angel (13). In 2012, her fiancé, Paige Butcher, announced her pregnancy. From Paige, Eddy has 2 children, namely Izzy Oona (3) and Max (1). Like Eddy still intends to add children.

3. Mel Gibson, Celebrity Who Has 9 Children

Celebrities in this world even have toddlers

Director and veteran actor Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson AO (64) is not only productive in making works, but also produces children. Registered civilly, he was married to Robyn Denise Moore (1980-2011).

They have 7 children, namely Hanna (40), Edward (38), Christian (38), William (35), Louis (32), Milo (30), Thomas (21). While still in the divorce process, Mel was reportedly in a relationship with Oksana Grigorieva (50).

From that relationship, they have a daughter named Lucia (11). After ending his relationship with Oksana, since 2014 Mel has been dating Rosalind Ross and has a child named Lars Gerard (3).

4. Mike Tyson, Has 8 Children

The man who was boxer No. This 1 world has 8 children. He has been married 3 times. From his first wife, Robin Givens, he has 3 children. Namely, D’Amato Kilrain Tyson (30), Miguel Leon (18), Exodus Tyson (born in 2005 and died at the age of 4 years). Around 1991, Mike dated Kimberly Scarborough and the two had a son named Mikey Lorna Tyson (29)

His second wife, Monica Turner (1997-2003), gave birth to two children, Rayna (24) and Amir (23). And his third wife Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer (2009-present) gave birth to two children, Milan (11) and Marocco (9).

5. World Celebs Have Many Children Up To 7, Steven Spielberg

Steven is known as a world celebrity with great works

The marriage of Kate Capshaw and Steven Allan Spielberg, 74, is one of Hollywood’s longest-running marriages, and the two also have many children from their marriage.

Before marrying Steven, Kate had a daughter named Jessica from a previous marriage. He also adopted a son, Theo (32). And while with Steven, she gave birth to 3 children: Shasa (30), Sawyer (28), Destry (24).

Together they also adopted Mikaela (24). Before marrying Kate, Steven was married to actress Amy Irving. They have a son, Max (35).

6. Kevin Costner, World Celebrity Has 7 Children

Kevin Costner (65) and Cindy Christine Baumgartner whom he married in 2004 have three children: Cayden (13), Hayes (11), and Grace (10). But long before that, in 1978 Kevin married Cindy Silva and had children together: Annie (36), Lily (33), and Joe (32). In 1994 he divorced Cindy and had a brief relationship with Bridget Rooney. With Bridget he has a son, Liam (24).

7. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Also Have 7 Children

9 World Celebs Who Have Many Children, Anyone?

They are the world’s celebrity couple whose lives are highlighted the most.

In 2002, Angelina Jolie (45) adopted a child from Cambodia and named Maddox (18). After she lived with Brad Pitt (57), the two adopted two more children. Zahara (15) from Ethiopia in 2005 and Pax from Vietnam in 2007 (13). In 2006, Angelina gave birth to her biological child from Brad Shiloh (14), and twins Knox (12) and Vivienne (12) in 2008.

The couple secretly made their relationship official in May 2014. And in 2015, Angelina adopted Moussa (5) whom she found in Syria. This is suspected to be the cause of her divorce from Brad in 2016.

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8. Billy Ray Cyrus, Has 6 Children

9 World Celebs Who Have Many Children, Anyone?

Miley Ray Cyrus (28) is not the only famous Cyrus clan in her family. This family is also known as the family that produces world celebrities. His father, Billy Ray Cyrus (59), is a country star and father of six!

While still dating Leticia Jean Finley (later known as Tish Cyrus), Tish conceived Miley. In the same year Billy also had a relationship with a waitress named Kristin Luckey and the two have a son named Christopher Cody Cyrus (28). A year after Miley was born, Tish and Billy married.

From his previous marriage, Tish has two children. Namely Brandi and Trace which Billy later adopted. And after Miley, the two have other biological children named Braison (26) and Noah (20).

9. Jude Law, Has 5 Children

Currently, Jude Law (47) who is officially married to Phillipa Coan (47) is expecting the birth of his sixth child. From his first marriage to Sadie Frost, Jude has 3 children: Rafferty Jellicoe (24), Iris (20), and Rudy (18).

Divorced from Sadie, Jude is dating Samantha Burke and has a name Sophia (11). Then after breaking up with Samantha, he was in a relationship with young musician Catherine Harding (24) and has a child, Ada Law (5).

Here are 9 world celebrities who have many children. is Parents Interested in following in their footsteps?

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