5 List of the Richest Artists in Indonesia

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NBCNEWS, Bandung —

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Being an artist, it is undeniable that you can get a fantastic income. However, of course this can be obtained if the intention, determination, creativity, and pressure to follow market tastes can be balanced.

Talking about income, which artist in the country has the most income?

Here are a series of meanings that are included in the list of the richest artists in the country.

1. Agnez Mo

Who doesn’t know Agnes Monica or Agnez Mo? His work in the world of singing managed to bring him famous to foreign countries.

With all his achievements, it’s no wonder the singer who often slips dances when appearing on stage has a fantastic income.

No kidding, Agnez Mo’s wealth reached Rp 452 billion, making him the richest artist in Indonesia.

2. Raffi Ahmad

Raffi Ahmad’s progress in the entertainment world after establishing RANS Entertainment with Nagita Slavina. Along with participating, his various businesses began to spread everywhere, from clothes to food.

All of Raffi Ahmad’s efforts, from being a celebrity, to investing, to business, have made him a wealth of Rp 400 billion.

3. Inul Daratista

The figure of a dangdut singer whose work continues to skyrocket from time to time is included in a row of Indonesian celebrities who have fantastic wealth.

It is estimated that Inul’s current wealth reaches Rp. 300 billion, which he gets from his high working hours on the screen to the karaoke business.

4. Syahrini

Singer Syahrini is also included in the list of the richest celebrities in the country. The artist, who is known for his glamorous appearance, is estimated to have a net worth of Rp 280 billion.

He got the coffers from his activities as an artist, business, and the assets he had so far.

5. Krisdayanti

Krisdayanti’s high experience in the music industry has made her one of the richest celebrities in the country.

Coupled with the business, the wife’s wealth of Raul Lemos is estimated at Rp 270 billion.

That’s a line of artists who have fantastic wealth. What do you think?


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