TRUE TRUE !!! CHILDREN AND FATHER are compactly brave the neighbor’s children. .

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Father and son in Serdang Begadai (Sergai) Regency, North Sumatra, were reported to the police. They were suspected of raping their neighbor’s teenage son.

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According to the information gathered, the actions of AN (48) and IL (18) were carried out in March 2021. They took turns taking their actions.

Initially, the victim was asked for help by the perpetrator’s wife to accompany her young child at her house. The reason is, at that time the perpetrator’s wife had just given birth and was still being treated at the hospital.

“The alleged perpetrator’s actions were carried out while the victim was taking care of her child. When the house was quiet, the perpetrator came to the victim and carried out his actions,” said Head of the Public Relations Subdivision of the Sergai Police, AKP Sofian, Wednesday

After AN launched his action, his son, IL, came and participated in committing a disgraceful act against the victim. The victim is said to have been threatened by the perpetrator not to report the act.

“What happened to the victim was known to the mother. The attitude of the victim made the mother feel that something had happened to her child,” he said.

After a few months the victim then revealed what happened to him.

“Currently, the report is still under investigation,” he said.


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