Top BLBI Task Force, this is a list of Tutut Suharto’s assets to be confiscated

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NBCNEWS – The Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance Task Force (BLBI) is currently very scary for obligors or debtors who received BLBI funds in 1998 ago.

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The reason is, at this time they do not hesitate to execute the assets of these naughty obligors.

At present, the BLBI Task Force is indeed making a public scene because it firmly confiscated assets belonging to Hutomo Mandala Putra alias Tommy Suharto. Tommy Suharto is the favorite son of the Second President of the Republic of Indonesia, Suharto.

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It is known that the assets belonging to Tommy Suharto that were confiscated were in the form of 124 hectares of land in the Dawuan area, Cikampek, Karawang, West Java.

Now, the BLBI Task Force is back in the spotlight because it will also confiscate the property of another Cendana family, Siti Hardianti Rukmana alias Tutut Suharto (Mbak Tutut).

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The BLBI Task Force is currently eyeing the assets of Mbak Tutut, who is Tommy Suharto’s older brother.

Because, Mbak Tutut is included in the list of priority obligors in the BLBI Funds State Collection Rights Handling document.

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Mbak Tutut’s assets on the radar of the BLBI Task Force are PT CItra Cs, which consists of PT CItra matarama Satriamarga, PT Marga Nurindo Bhakti, and PT Citra Bhakti Margatama Persada.

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