PITY !!! Wife helps husband to beat other women, kiss and prepare contraception

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A wife helps her husband rape another woman. The wife helps her husband to rape another woman with the initials YN.

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wife helped the husband who raped another woman to pick her up and took off her victim’s clothes, S (26). This incident occurred in Butkitinggi, West Sumatra.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Bukittinggi Police, Chairul, said that YN did this on December 11.

YN picked up S and brought him to his house. Arriving at home, YN took S to her husband, AF (30).

“The wife took off all the victim’s clothes, the suspect’s wife said, ‘You satisfy my husband’. Before doing that, the wife first kissed her husband. And it was also his wife who helped buy condoms,”

He explained that S was raped twice. Prior to December 11, AF had brought the young woman to her house.

The victim, who was afraid that she would continue to be a victim, then reported the incident to the police on Tuesday

Then the police made an arrest on Saturday

“Accompanied by his legal counsel, because he is afraid that he is worried that this will continue. He is looking for legal counsel and tells legal counsel and assists in reporting,” he said.


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