Opportunity to see Vanessa Angel’s body for the last time, Vanessa’s best friend reveals the condition of the wound

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NBCNEWS, Bogor —

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The deadly accident that took the lives of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah still leaves a very deep sorrow, especially for family and friends. They couldn’t believe the sudden and unexpected departure of Vanessa and Aunt.

One of Vanessa Angel’s friends, Lindawan, revealed the last condition of her best friend’s body before it was finally closed by the coffin. Lindawan became a figure who helped shortly after the fatal accident occurred. However, Lindawan could only pass by the ambulance carrying Vanessa and Bibi, because the distance from Surabaya to the scene of the incident took quite a long time, namely 1.5 hours.

“When the police arrived at the crime scene, Vanessa and Mas Bibi, they passed an ambulance,” said Lindawan.

Linda swiftly continued to go to the Jombang Toll Road to help the survivors, namely Gala’s caregiver, so that they could be rushed to the hospital immediately.

“When at the TKP the police had brought Vanessa and Mas Bibi, they passed an ambulance,” said Lindawan who was quoted on the Hotman Paris Show youtube channel on Thursday (11/11/2021).

Meanwhile, Vanessa’s other friends, Delta Hesti and Masayu, went to Kertosono Hospital Surabaya to take care of and treat Vanessa and Bibi Gala Sky’s only children. After finishing taking care of Gala’s nanny, Linda immediately visited Vanessa at Bhayangkari Hospital, unfortunately her friend’s condition had been shrouded.


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