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Big Size Cake and Golden Train

The cake is made to resemble a magnificent and luxurious royal castle. Indeed, Ricis and Ryan raised the theme of a fairy tale or fairy tale for this reception concept.

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It is known, the fairy tale theme has been dreamed of by Ricis who wants to become a princess. The decoration inside the reception building has also resembled the atmosphere inside a royal castle, complete with a golden carriage.

Ria Ricis pernikahan wedding reception© Instagram @officialmntvc

(Photo: Instagram @officialmntvc)

In addition to the cake, the fairy tale wedding theme was strengthened by the decoration of a golden carriage in the middle of the reception room. The golden carriage was strung together with flowers arranged beautifully in front of the wheels.

The post praised Ria Ricis for being able to hold a luxurious wedding reception from netizens. Many also pray that the marriage of this young couple can last forever.

“Couples who don’t like to talk about dating are suddenly proposed, engaged, until it’s halal and today’s reception looks luxurious, but for those who are simple, the important thing is that they are elegant and give a beautiful impression and make them comfortable. Always happy, Ricis and Rian RR are a family that is samawa until the end of life,” account @sayadiri_3

“Hopefully this luxury is not in vain and can enter the top 5 ratings, okay min..,” commented the account @zisha_071419

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