It’s really painful, women talk still forgive their husbands even though they cheated on them repeatedly..

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Not everyone can forgive couple which cheating. In fact, many choose to break up and end their marriage after cheated on couple.

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Even so, it is different with this one woman. The woman’s story went viral after being shared on TikTok social media.

Launch The Sun, The unnamed woman created a Tiktok account called @our.broken.marriage to vent about her cheating husband.

Through her upload, this woman recounts the act of infidelity that has been carried out by her husband several times.

“So I’ve been with my husband for 11 years and about 10 years ago he went to Vegas and was dating a woman,” she says in one of the videos.

When she was first cheated on, this woman told her husband to leave if he was not satisfied with their marriage. However, the couple decided to try to mend the relationship.

Unfortunately, the husband repeated the act of infidelity about 5 years ago

“About five years ago he hooked up with a friend from high school and started texting each other flirting, to the point that they made plans to run away together,” he continued.

This woman explained that she felt hurt when she found the text message. However, she still forgave her husband and had a child together.

“I thought we had this thing over with, and yesterday Tuesday I found out we weren’t done.”

Recently, this woman caught her husband cheating while the child was playing with the family’s iPad.

At that time, the child accidentally opened a messaging application on the iPad. There, it can be seen that the husband sent messages to seduce several women.

In fact, there is also a message in which the husband appears topless.

“Once a cheater is always a cheater? This is the history of my husband’s unfaithfulness,” this woman added in the caption.

The story on the @our.broken.marriage account itself has been watched millions of times. Even so, this woman turned off the comments column.

In another video, this woman also explains that she again forgives her husband for the third time.

In fact, this couple has agreed to do counseling in order to maintain their marriage.

“Both my husband and I wanted this marriage to last, but he stepped out of the marriage and looked for attention elsewhere,” she said of the reason for doing marriage counseling.

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