If you are heartbroken, these 3 zodiac signs can be really scary figures

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NBCNEWS – Most people when their heart is broken will feel sad, shut themselves off, lazy to do anything, and the like. But different things will be done by these 3 zodiac signs. Facing heartbreak, the reactions of these three zodiac signs tend to be aggressive. His ex had to be very careful.

Reporting from Revive Zone, here are the breakup reactions of the three zodiacs, with their respective styles. How scary? Let’s check together, come on.

1. Aries

Breakup for Aries is like a big loss in a race. As a result, Aries after a breakup tends to be even more persistent in winning back his love. So Aries does not hesitate to do various ways to get his ex back. It’s better if your ex still has feelings for him. If they break up with Aries for a good reason, they might be stressed because they’re being chased all the time.

2. Cancer

As the zodiac sign who is always in a relationship trying to hold on and make sure everything will be okay, Cancer can be very heartbroken when left. Cancer won’t expect to come back, though. But they will curse their ex, label them with the worst label, and completely cut off contact or the door of friendship.

3. Leo

Narcissism in any situation makes Leo choose to show his broken heart in public. Posting a broken heart on social media will be one way of expressing the wound. And Leo will position himself as a victim in such a way that he gets the support and sympathy of many people. If by chance his ex is in a social circle, get ready to be tainted by his good name.


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