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Eric Khoo Folklore

Eric Khoo is a Showrunner for all episodes of this Folklore Season 2 series , whereas Seiko Matsuda is the director for the Japanese episode.

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Eric Khoo

Seiko Matsuda

Seiko Matsuda Folklore

The production of the seven-episode one-hour series will air in seven Asian countries under the direction of a local director.

Viewers will find in this Folklore Season 2, a mix film anthology between established film workers and newcomers, each with a different sensibility, including two female directors from the country.

Folklore Season 2

Regarding this, here is the summary

Q: Can you tell us about Folklore Season 2 and how it relates to Seiko Matsuda’s first film?

Eric Khoo: I’m glad all the episodes have finished.

I was in Japan promoting a film. That’s when I met Seiko and he told me about his personal experience, and also his desire to be able to make a film so I offered to direct him to direct a horror film in this Folklore Season 2 series and what really pleased me was when Seiko agreed. He has a ghost friend.

Working with Seiko is fun, he is creative and has a lot of story ideas, he also has a sensitive sense of the characters who will play him. He himself did everything, from selecting the cast, working on the music, the appearance in the film.

For this Folklore Season 2, I saw the movie Billy Christian and I love him, that’s why I got him involved and it’s so much fun to have his film included in this anthology

Can you tell us about your early involvement with the horror genre?

Eric Khoo:

When I was a child, I was given a horror show by my mother. Indeed he is very happy with this genre. As an adult I began to look at the technical point of view of cinematics. I saw that there would be many ways to convey horror in a certain format.

As the show runner in season 2, the audience will find the theme of each director, where each episode is completely independent. There will be many stories in this anthology, some are about pure horror, some are about rituals, some are about possession, curses and others. There will also be a lot of emotional scenes.

My expectation from season 2 is to scare a lot of people and then of course continue to season 3. I see that many people like horror and from the 7 episodes we have planned, I immediately see each director who will work on each episode specifically

Q: Why did you choose the horror genre as your first film?

Seiko Matsuda : I was also surprised, and yes, this started with a casual chat about a terrible story that had been experienced, then one year later Eric asked to meet and also asked if I wanted to direct a film myself. Then I was asked to write, and started brainstorming with Eric…it all started with that.

But my story is more than just horror. My story is based on a true story of my assistant who happened to be able to see ghosts, and she said that every time I appear in public she sees the ghost. I see every country has a story about ghosts and I really want to explore this, that’s why I really enjoy being involved.

Q : Can you tell us about the fun and challenges while directing?

Seiko Matsuda :

Regarding challenges, when making a storyline for everyone, I usually sing to myself.

(Red: Seiko is a famous singer in Japan, and this is her first experience in directing and writing a film)

The fun part is the process of making it from writing to filming. Everyone involved here is amazing, they gave me a lot of support

At the end of the story , I could see and feel the scene involved the feelings and emotions of many people involved . The process of making music for movies is reading the script, then imagining scene by scene what will happen later during the shooting process

Q: Is there a specific message from your story?

Seiko Matsuda: “Everything is love for humanity”. I want to express all love, many varieties. There is love between a child and his mother, a girl and a boy. A huge amount.

The hallmark of Japanese culture in my story is how Japanese people who have a very special tradition convey their feelings of love. All these things are expressed in this film

Folklore season 2

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