Drivers Don’t Concentrate When Driving, These 5 Cars Have To Sneak Into Ditches to Rice Fields – Boombastis

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Driving a motorized vehicle requires high concentration. If you don’t focus, something annoying or even dangerous will happen to the driver. Unfortunately, many drivers, especially cars, lose concentration while driving.

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As a result there are a number of incidents that happened to the car. Cars stumble in some unexpected places, such as sewers, rice fields, to rivers, have been experienced by many car drivers. This is how a car looks like when you don’t concentrate while driving.

1. Wrongly stepped on the brakes, the car fell into a ditch

Nyungsep Car [sumber gambar]

The @insiprasikopimalam account uploaded a video showing a white car falling into a ditch. The video immediately went viral and has been watched by more than 200,000 people. According to netizens, the driver who wanted to hit the brakes turned out to be wrong and stepped on the gas instead. As a result, the car had to slip into a ditch. Luckily there were no casualties in the accident.

2. Due to drowsiness, the car nyungsep into the rice field

Nyungsep Car [sumber gambar]

A woman was found to be very sleepy while driving a car. As a result, he lost focus and the car he was driving went into the middle of a rice field. The yellow car fell in a rice field area located in Karangbendo, Rogojampi, Banyuwangi, East Java. Fortunately, he entered the fields and there were no casualties.

3. The car overturned in the bushes until the driver was thrown

The TikTok account @arifinarifin1812 uploaded a pair of men and women suspected of being husband and wife. They had a single accident. Their car overturned in the bushes and threw the wife. The husband who was in the car tried to reach out to help his wife. But the wife actually slipped when trying to get into the car.

Nyungsep Car [sumber gambar]

The wife was sulking and instead sat in the bushes playing on her cellphone. The husband still looks like he is trying to persuade, but his wife continues to nag. There are netizens who assume that the husband and wife had a fight in the car because the wife was not satisfied with checking her husband’s cellphone until the second car fell.

4. The driver was exhausted, the car fell into a ditch

Nyungsep Car [sumber gambar]

Monday (10/18/2021) a car fell into a ditch in Newa Balekambang, Kalisoro Village, Tawangmangu District, Karanganyar Regency. Tawangmangu Police Chief, AKP Ismugiyanto said, the family from RSDM Solo was about to return to Ponorogo. But the driver was tired and sleepy until the car fell into a ditch. The car was immediately evacuated and there were no casualties.

5. Seeing the phone ringing, the car fell into the river

Nyungsep Car [sumber gambar]

A motorist loses control while trying to check his ringing cell phone. The Toyota Agya car fell into the river on Jalan Jemursari, Surabaya. Finally, the driver, known as Machfud, did not go to the office because he had to take his car to a repair shop.

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In order not to experience a similar incident, we must be careful when driving. Don’t force yourself to keep driving, if you feel tired and sleepy. Fatigue and drowsiness can reduce concentration and can endanger yourself and other drivers.

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