Becoming a Tanah Abang Seller, Fadil Jaidi’s Unique Endorse Way Floods Netizens’ Praise

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Celebrity Fadil Jaidi is indeed known to often share funny content on his Instagram and TikTok social media. His content often features other family members who are no less entertaining, namely his father and younger brother, Pak Muh and Dilla Jaidi. Not surprisingly, the content he shares often goes viral and becomes a joke for netizens. Recently, Fadil Jaidi has succeeded in making netizens laugh because of the content endorse which he shared on Instagram Stories.

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Different from content endorse Another celebrity, Fadil Jaidi this time is in the style of a seller at Tanah Abang Market who offers his wares directly to buyers. He acts as if he is opening a shop, bargaining for goods with buyers, and hanging his wares like a stall in a market. How does Fadil Jaidi offer goods endorse that?

As if arranging his wares in a stall, Fadil Jaidi displayed a mannequin to hang his clothes from the ceiling of his house.

Fadil arranges mannequins and hangs clothes from the ceiling | Credit: @fadiljaidi via Instagram

On the contents endorse Previously, Fadil Jaidi often entertained the audience because he did not only review men’s products, but also women and mothers. He had reviewed the baby carrier product and immediately tried to carry it with the help of his father. This time, Fadil has an even more unique idea, as if opening a shop called “Toko Ci Lenny”.

“Bismillah, it’s selling well today, yes I was told to open it now, then let’s talk after I drop off the goods,” said Fadil Jaidi in his Instagram Story.

Actually on display like in a stall, Fadil Jaidi is carrying a mannequin and displaying his wares in front of the camera. Unmitigated, he hung his clothes up to the ceiling of his house. While calling customers by name, Fadil mentions the price while bargaining with his fictitious customer who is asking for a lower price.

To make it even more laughable, Fadil Jaidi wrote “rest asr first” typical of people who leave merchandise when selling

He seemed to take a break and offered his merchandise directly | Credit: @fadiljaidi via Instagram

The scenario of becoming a “Ci Lenny Store” trader is not only about displaying merchandise. Fadil also offered directly to the mothers at his house. She calls her female customers ‘mother’ and offers them a low price.

“Mother, Mother, Mother, don’t go yet, Mother. You can ask here first, then the price is easy, Mother, I will give you a price of 18,500, we will take the capital price only, Mother,” Fadil Jaidi called to his customers.

Exhausted when offering merchandise, Fadil then ate while guarding his stall. Then, the netizens were made even more laughing by uploading a photo of a mannequin that read “Take a break asr first, don’t forget to pray” by Fadhil. He seemed to have temporarily closed his shop to rest. Don’t miss it, upload endorse Tanah Abang Fadil’s style was also accompanied by Mr. Muh who succeeded in adding to the funny atmosphere.

Unaware of his “Ci Lenny Store” trending #1 on Twitter, Fadil Jaidi thanks his customers

Fadil Jaidi’s creative idea that provoked laughter eventually became the #1 trending on Twitter social media. They praised the creativity and totality of Fadil playing the Tanah Abang seller. Fadil, who did not expect that, then thanked his customers.

“I still don’t think Ci Lenny’s shop can be trending 1 on Twitter, thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, who have stopped by to have a look and buy. Btw, I was really surprised and really happy, like really, how can I do that? Thank you guys again,” wrote Fadil Jaidi.

Wow, it’s really unique and the content is total endorse This Fadil Jaidi. Did you ever make me laugh too, SoHip?


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