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7 Ideal Young Papa Artists

Marrying a soulmate and having children at a young age sounds like fun, but it’s certainly not an easy thing. Especially for celebrities who still want to climb the career ladder in the entertainment world. However, there are also rows of male celebrities who do it at a young age so that they are dubbed the ideal young papa artist!

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Not without reason, they decided to let go of their single life and get married at a relatively young age. However, it does not mean that family life becomes a burden for their careers.

In fact, these young papas were found to often upload togetherness when they were carrying their child. This is the list!

9 Ideal Young Papa Artists

1. Samuel Zylgwyn

Actor Samuel Zylgwyn became the first list of artists who deserve to be called the ideal young papa. Married to Franda in 2016, he often spends time with his only child, you know. Yes, this couple has been blessed with a daughter named Zylvechia Ecclesie Heckenbucker who was born April 29, 2018.

In the midst of his busy career, this 32-year-old man does not hesitate to share some of the activities he does with his little daughter. They do not hesitate to do activities such as swimming together to monitor the growth and development of their children.

2. Stefan William

7 Ideal Young Papa Artists

There is another actor Stefan William who officially married Celine Evangelista in 2016. It didn’t take long, a year after their marriage they were blessed with a son named Lucio Otthild William who was born on October 9, 2017 when Stefan was still 24 years old. Now, they are happy because they are blessed with a son named Eadred Koa Lewis Miguel.

As is known, Stefan also has 2 more children. Namely Eleeya Xaviera Sompie who is Celine Evangelista’s child from her previous marriage with Dirly Idol and Jemima Guri Clementine Sompie who is their adopted child.

Interestingly, Stefan seems to be a fair father in giving love to his four children. In fact, not long ago Stefan said ‘hard code’ to get back to having a baby!

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3. Alvin Faiz

7 Ideal Young Papa Artists

It is natural for teenagers to spend time searching for their identity. However, apparently this is not the case for Muhammad Alvin Faiz. Unlike most teenagers, the son of the famous cleric Arifin Ilham chose to marry his crush Larisa Chou at the age of 17 years.

When he was 21 years old, Alvin officially bears his status as a father. Seen on his personal Instagram account, he often shares moments when raising his son Muhammad Yusuf Alvin Ramadhan or familiarly called Yusuf. Very close to his son, no wonder he was nicknamed the ideal young papa by netizens.

4. Ammar Zoni

9 Photos of Artists Who Become Young Papas, Good at Talking to Children and Making Anxiety!

The couple Ammar Zoni and Irish Bella also became celebrities in the country who decided to get married young. Now, they are enjoying a new role as parents after Irish gave birth to their first love on September 18, 2020 after experiencing a miscarriage some time ago.

Uniquely, this couple’s child has another name from the others, namely Air Rumi Akbar 1453. Being a young papa at the age of not yet 30 years is a special happiness for Ammar. Evidently, he often shares baby moments on his personal Instagram.

5. Haykal Kamil

9 Photos of Artists Who Become Young Papas, Good at Talking to Children and Making Anxiety!

Haykal Kamil is a homeland celebrity who is determined to let go of his single life at a young age. Zaskia Mecca’s sister married Tantri Namirah in 2017 and has a child named Khawla Saila Kamil who was born on January 6, 2018.

This moment feels special because it coincides with Haykal’s 27th birthday. Even though they got married at a relatively young age, their domestic life was calm and quiet from media coverage. Unlike most parents, Haykal is painstakingly teaching his child gardening!

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6. Tarra Budiman

9 Photos of Artists Who Become Young Papas, Good at Talking to Children and Making Anxiety!

Being dubbed the ideal father by netizens seems appropriate for Tarra Budiman. Deciding to marry Gya Sadiqah in December 2018, Tarra was blessed with an adorable daughter named Alea Jada Agyra.

Now, at the age of 33, he really enjoys being a young papa. They do not hesitate to upload their togetherness on social media as a very compact father and son. Make me jealous, Parents!

7. Tough Septian

9 Photos of Artists Who Become Young Papas, Good at Talking to Children and Making Anxiety!

Parents still remember the story of the little singer Tegar Septian? His story had stolen attention when it was discovered that Tegar had been a street performer in order to sustain his life and family.

Now, the happy news has recently arrived from Tegar and his wife Sarah Sheilka. Married young in March 2020, the couple officially holds the status of new parents after his wife gave birth to their first child. Abidzar Oktaviano Putra Septian on Sunday, October 25 yesterday. Tegar became a father at a very young age, which is 19 years old.

8. Ditto Percussion

9 Photos of Artists Who Become Young Papas, Good at Talking to Children and Making Anxiety!

Married to Ayudia bing Slamet on September 13, 2015, a man whose full name is Muhammad Pradana Budiarto or familiarly called Ditto Percussion always steals the public’s attention. Starting from a friendship that ended in marriage, this couple succeeded in making many netizens jealous and made their love journey relationship goals.

Apparently not only romance, Ditto’s style of parenting also made many people melt. Blessed with a handsome son named Dia Sekala Bumi, Ditto often shares his exciting moments of caring for his baby.

Being a young father, it’s no wonder the man who works as a drummer is very close to his son. Very dreamy!

9. Glenn Alinskie

9 Photos of Artists Who Become Young Papas, Good at Talking to Children and Making Anxiety!

Lastly, the couple Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia, who are also the inspiration for many people. After dating for 8 years, the couple got married and are now enjoying their role in raising 2 children, Nastusha Olivia Alinskie and Dante Oliver Alinskie.

What makes me happy, Glenn and Chelsea never miss scheduling their free time to nurture the development of their baby. Singing, playing games together, and just having fun are some of Glenn and Nastusha’s favorite activities when their schedule isn’t tight.

Well, getting married at a young age didn’t stop them from becoming reliable celebrities as well as ideal fathers. Is there a favorite Parents?

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