10 Types of Jackets You Need to Know. Main Provisions for the Cold Rainy Season~

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Entering the rainy season, jacket is a supporting outfit that is no less important. In the rainy season or when the air is cold, a jacket can certainly warm the body. In addition to being functional, jackets also have a variety of models that can be used level up style you.

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Here are 10 jacket type all you need to know, to keep warm at the same time stylish even in the rainy season. Check it out!

1. Jacket bomber which has a short body length. Casual and can be used for styling of course. Suitable for subordinates who fit so that it doesn’t seem too wide

Bomber jacket/ credit pinterest

2. Next there is a jacket trucker simple and classic. This jacket usually has buttons on the front with double pockets

The classic Trucker jacket/ credit: pinterest

3. track jacket who has an impression sporty finish. You can combine it with pants track similar to show sport, similar to uniform squid games~

Jacket also used in Squid Game/ credit: pinterest

4. Jackets that are very suitable for the rainy season, parkas. This jacket has a characteristic drawstring in the middle. Impressed warm at the same time stylish

Parkas also have many color choices / credit: pinterest

5. A denim jacket should be must have items. Its neutral characteristics and colors make it easy to mix and match with various outfit

Denim looks relaxed and suitable for walking / credit: pinterest

6. Jacket varsity similar to a jacket baseball. It’s just that this jacket uses more thick cotton fabrics to synthetic leather

This jacket makes you look like a college kid/ credit: pinterest

7. Jacket love from Japan which has a characteristic embroidered large picture on the back. The motive eye-catching make you see cool and artsy

Looks artsy and cultured/ credit: pinterest

8. Overcoat the one that can level up style you. On average, this jacket has a long design and is very suitable for formal events

Jackets make you look classy/ credit: pinterest

9. Shearling jacket that can make you warm and also visible fashion. The inside is usually made of wool, while the outside is made of suede

Warm and stylish!/ credit: pinterest

10. Finally there is a jacket biker which is perfect for motorcyclists. This jacket can make you look badass elegant at the same time!

Biker jackets make you look cool/ credit: pinterest

Those were 10 types of jackets that you need to know. In addition to being able to dispel the cold, these jackets can really be one of them outfit items your rainy season. Which one do you have, SoHip?


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