10 Portraits of Tonduhan Waterfalls: Exotic Twin Waterfalls in Simalungun

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Tonduhan Waterfall

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NBCNEWS – Bored with office routines that create stress? Maybe you need a vacation that is fresh and can spoil your eyes. Not only beaches and mountains, waterfalls are also a mainstay of tourism when you are tired.

So about holidays on the weekends is the right choice for your picnic. Not only refreshing, the beauty of the natural charm that emanates from the beautiful nature will surely captivate the heart as well as become a place of maximum relaxation.

Simalungun is a destination for tourists to just travel while enjoying the cool air. Of the many tourist attractions, Simalungun must be familiar with the name of a natural bathing tourist attraction. Many you will find in the form of natural baths that have a certain attraction, which makes tourists want to come again for a picnic to these natural baths.

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Tourist sites.

pic by: instagram/@darmansyahrizky

On vacation to Simalungun, North Sumatra, don’t forget to visit Tonduhan Waterfall. This charming waterfall is suitable for a fresh and wet vacation in Simalungun.

Interested here?, For those of you who want to adventure to this waterfall. You can find this tourist attraction in Buntu Kode, Saribu Asih, Hatonduhan, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra.

The location is located between oil palm plantations belonging to PTPN IV. The area near the waterfall is still beautiful because it is located in a remote area. Here, you can play water to your heart’s content; swimming or simply wetting the feet and hands.

Tourist attraction.

pic by: instagram/@diki_ae07

This Tonduhan Waterfall looks similar to the Sipiso-Piso Waterfall in Tanah Karo, because we can see this waterfall from above the parking lot like Sipiso-Piso. But for those who want to take a closer look at this waterfall, the manager has provided a ladder from the parking lot to the bottom of the waterfall.

The most beautiful tourist spot in Saribu Asih is indeed already popular among the community, both local and non-local. This waterfall with a height of 80 m is still always anesthetizing the eyes of tourists who come to visit this place. So no need to be surprised, this natural tourist attraction in the form of a waterfall is in great demand by visitors.

At the top of the waterfall there is also a large rock that stands out. As a result, the fall of the waterfall is divided into two. It looks like twin waterfalls.

pic by: instagram/@riki_dika

At the bottom of the waterfall, there is also a fairly wide and deep pool. The water is cold and fresh, but I suggest not swimming if you are not good at it, because the pool is deep, the water discharge is large and it should be quite heavy. But if you are proficient in swimming, tourists can swim in the natural pool. But it is mandatory to always be on guard and keep safe even though there are guards who are ready to help if things happen that are not desirable.

Price of admission.

pic by: instagram/@yemimahasibuan

The price of admission to the Tonduhan Waterfall tourist attraction is very affordable, because the manager only collects parking fees of Rp. 5000,-/ motorbike. included in the fee for entering the Tonduhan Siantar waterfall. The entry fee is cheap, isn’t it?…


pic by: instagram/@yemimahasibuan

Tonduhan Waterfall is 33 kilometers from the city of Pematang Siantar (travel time is close to 1 hour drive) or 2.6 kilometers from the Tonduhan village office.

Can be reached by individual 2 or 4 wheeled vehicles and public. The condition of the road to get there is partially paved but about 1300 meters has not been paved.

From the parking area, the journey continues by walking down the cement stairs near 150 meters to where the waterfall is located. (Source: Jendeladunia16)

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