Officially a Suspect in a Fictitious CPNS Admission Case, Nia Daniaty’s child is immediately arrested

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A few months ago, the name of Nia Daniaty’s child, Olivia Nathania, became a public conversation. The public discussed his name after he was deemed to have committed fraud against a number of people with the lure of accepting CPNS. This case had become a controversy because Olivia several times denied the allegations of the victims.

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After the case is running, now the police have officially named Nia Daniaty’s child as a suspect. Initially, the police said that Olivia was the only suspect in the fraud case. However, after further investigation, the police arrested 4 people suspected of being involved in the CPNS test fraud case.

Finally, Nia Daniaty’s child, Olivia Nathania, was named a suspect in a fictitious CPNS test fraud along with 4 other people

Olivia Nathania named as suspect along with 4 other people/Credit: AntaraNews

The investigation into the fictitious CPNS case that ensnared the name Olivia Nathania, the daughter of Nia Daniaty, has begun to find light. It is known that Olivia has now been named a suspect and is being investigated by the authorities. After being the sole suspect, the police then announced the involvement of 4 other people in this massive fraud case.

According to the Head of Public Relations of Metro Jaya, the four new suspects have the initials FM, ES, R and SN. The four of them are said to be actively involved and participate in the fraud committed by Olivia. The police are currently trying to identify the involvement of the four suspects. Investigations continue and the police have selected Articles 55 and 56 of the Criminal Code to ensnare the suspects. Apart from that, Olivia herself is now being held for 20 days. This detention was carried out by the police to prevent Olivia from eliminating the evidence against her in court later.

The identification of Olivia as a suspect made many people relieved. This is because the wife of Rafly Tilaar denied the accusations and plans to report back to the victims

Olivia had denied/Credit: Seconds

The determination of Olivia as a suspect certainly makes the victims relieved. The reason this case was rolling with various speculations and also denials from Olivia’s side. This case itself began when the victims claimed to be victims of Olivia’s fraud. No half-hearted, the nominal money taken by Olivia reached 9.7 billion rupiah.

Before being named a suspect, Olivia herself had denied the allegations of the victims. Olivia didn’t even know about this report from the victims directly, but from the media. Because she wanted to argue, Olivia then collected documents of evidence to clear her name from this fraud case. Olivia herself then used an alibi that she made tutoring for the CPNS test by fixing the price of Rp. 25 million per person. The money is used for the purposes of teaching staff, renting a place and various other technical matters.

It didn’t stop there, Olivia herself then planned to strike back at the whistleblowers. Olivia feels that her good name has been tarnished and has suffered material and immaterial losses due to this case. At that time Olivia was still confident that she was not involved in a fraud case because she had strong evidence and felt aggrieved because this case also dragged the good name of her mother, Nia Daniaty and also her husband Rafly Tilaar.


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