Incident of Illegal Unboxing of Ducati Cargo Boxes for WSBK Makes One of Indonesia Embarrassed – Boombastis

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A lesson for Indonesian content creators. In addition to often sharing educational and interesting videos, it is also a good idea to know the rules in which he is recording. Otherwise, it will not only embarrass yourself, but also the entire Indonesian nation.

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The polemic of YouTubers violating this rule emerged at the same time as the important moment when the Superbike World Championship was held at the Mandalika Circuit, West Nusa Tenggara. An event for the revival of the world of Indonesian sports, but marred by the undeserved action of a content creator.

Reportedly the Ducati Team was furious because the cargo of the motorbike was opened and recorded illegally.

Speedweek reviews the “illegal unboxing” that befell the racing team. [sumber gambar]

It hasn’t even started yet, WSBK Mandalika has been scorned. A foreign media specializing in racing and automotive coverage, Speedweek reported that the Ducati Team, as one of the participants in the Superbike World Championship, was furious. The team was angry because the cargo of the motorbike was illegally unloaded. After being traced, it turned out that the cargo was opened by track workers from the local organizers of the Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA).

The “illegal unboxing” was recorded and the video uploaded to YouTube

The figure of a man in a white shirt is seen inspecting a Ducati racing motorbike. [sumber gambar]

The MGPA tried to confirm this. They apologized for the negligence that occurred. In addition, they also regretted the presence of irresponsible parties who approached, took videos without permission, and published the recordings. This is said to cause misunderstandings among the motor racing industry players.

Digerudug netizens, the perpetrator is called the culprit of the nation’s shame

This is how the original unboxed Ducati racing bike looks like. [sumber gambar]

Of course, netizens reacted strongly to this negligence. Some thought that the recruitment process for the implementation committee should be more stringent so as not to embarrass the nation. The situation got even more complicated when a YouTuber joined in showing off the moment of opening the cargo. According to regulations, only Customs and Excise are allowed to open cargo from racing teams, and that should not be published.

YouTuber apologizes, illegal unboxing video was uploadedtakedown

Aware of making netizens angry, this YouTuber Soul Kuta Lombok also apologized. In his statement, he admitted that he was wrong to distribute videos that were not supposed to be public food.

Clarification and apology from Soul Kuta Lombok. [sumber gambar]

However, he also reminded netizens that it was not him who opened the cargo, but the Customs and Excise. So the narrative that he did the “unboxing” is wrong. He said that when recording the video, the box wrapping Michael Rinaldi’s motorbike was indeed open.

Ducati not mad, Speedweek overkill?

Through their Twitter account, @ducaticorse, Ducati confirmed that they had never made any statements regarding “illegal unboxing”. They don’t want to bother with this problem and can’t wait to race in Indonesia.

Michael Rinaldi’s racing style. [sumber gambar]

Wow, wise, yes Ducati Team. So to-fans, here! Just so you know, the bike that became the polemic was Michael Ruben Rinaldi’s mount, who currently occupies the fourth position in the WSBK standings with 278 points.

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From this clarification, is Speedweek too much in packaging news? It is difficult to know what the motive behind the “illegal unboxing” review is that infuriates racing lovers in Indonesia and the world. But it must be admitted that this problem is an expensive lesson for content creators, so that they better understand the rules when making videos. Hopefully the bitter experience behind the Mandalika WSBK preparation will make all parties more mature.

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